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  1. renagade

    Holden Rodeo, New Zealand, the 80's

    So while every one in the states was driving around in delorians listening to duran-duran & billy idol, We had off road racing down here on the other side of the world. I thought id post a few Pics i have of the race truck my father used to co drive and occationaly drive back in the 80's in New...
  2. renagade

    New Zealand Woodhill 100 2012 - some on board from our truck

    So, while you guys were all in mexico racing. Over in NZ we were racing at woodhill forest. Woodhill is the oldest enduro race in off roading in NZ and is known as a car breaker. We ran this year in our truck It's a Class 8 (nz rules)...
  3. renagade

    Centre Driven Pro 2

    Apparently Scott Tallor at one stage had a pro 2 that he drove from the middle does any one have any pics of it ? would have been during the corr years possibly ?
  4. renagade

    New Zealand Woodhill 100

    One of the biggest races in NZ has just got to it's 30th aniversary, and for the first time ever a class 8 truck won overall, the race is normaly dominated by the buggys but finaly a truck was able to pull though and win overall. will post up heaps of pictures later that i took. here's a...
  5. renagade

    2009 Taupo 1000 Photo's

    here we go some photo's from day one of the taupo 1000, enjoy. i have some more photo's that i might put up later. you can read some wright ups on what wen't down on or
  6. renagade

    The Big One Taupo 1000 2009

    Taupo 1000 09 is getting realy close it's the 11-12 of september and i for one can't wait. i thought id drum up some intrest and post up some photo's i took at the last one in '07the one you guys would have seen in the two roads to taupo movie thing. i don't see any american's on the...
  7. renagade

    New Zealand Woodhill 100 2009

    Hey, thought i would share some pics i took at the woodhill 100 race down here in New zealand. The race is one of the oldest in the country, next year will be it's 30th year. It was a smaller event this year not as many cars as normal but still a good race. all the photo's are here...
  8. renagade

    new guy

    Hi, im another guy from new zealand, we seem to be poping up on here more regularly. im involved with off road racing here mainly though working with my dad on and some co- driving the old AFWE F-150 thunder truck though it's been off the scene a while now since the owner ( warren Arther if...