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    Salvage Title

    Wanted to see if anyone knew about removing a salvage title from a vehicle. I seem to remember someone saying that you can have all the work done, and as long as the vehicle is measured and back to factory specs that the DMV can remove the salvage title on the vehicle. Anyone know if this is the...
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    Just wanted to know if anyone has some extra tickets for the SEMA show that they might be willing to part with. I would be happy to pay for your expense, my uncle works for Flowmaster, and at the last minute he wasn't able to get us enough tickets. PM me if you can help out. Thanks in advance.
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    4.3L Chevrolet

    I have been searching the net but I am coming up empty. I am looking for a 4.3L Chevy Aluminum block engine. I am really looking for a crate motor, but will take anything now. I think they just started making them aluminum in 2000 or so, if anyone knows, please let me know. Thanks in advance
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    BITCON Number

    Anyone have the number for Larry out at Bitcon in Las Vegas? Thanks
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    My Latest Project

    Well here are a couple of pictures of my new project. Since I decided to get rid of the ranger for now, I am working on a Predator sand car. I started without a single piece put together, and some parts have fit easier than others. So here are a couple of pics, and I will try to update it...
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    I'm building a sand car, 5-seater, 2400# complete, and running 400-500 hp. This is a long travel buggy 23-24" of travel. I am trying to decide if I need to run 934 CV's or not. I was told that if I want to get reliable travel, and put the power to the ground that I am going to need to run the...
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    Roll Cage

    Can anyone help me with how you install the rear window, I know it's not glass, but to you have it setup before you weld the tubes in , then just manuver it into place, or is there some other way? Thanks
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    When using an aftermarket ignition controller on a EFI motor, what other kinds of upgrades usually occur at the same time. I know that on N/A motors, you would usually change the distributor, but I don't know about EFI
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    What kind of prep work do I need to do, prior to getting my glass painted, inorder for it to look similar to metal. Some fenders that I have seen look really rough, and uneaven.
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    Does anyone have a shock valving chart for 2.5 Race Runners? I was at Race Ready and they had one for FOX's 2.5, but to me it looked like the Fox have more than 5 shims, like the Sway a ways do. Anyone know? Is it ok to use the fox one? thanks
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    I recently installed a fuel level sender into my Jaz fuel cell. The cell is red metal outer and black bladder inner. I cut a hole large enough in the red metal for the entire sender to sit on top of the black bladder, and a hole just large enough to clear the diameter of the shaft that actually...
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    Does anyone know where I can rent a trailer to haul my truck down to the dez. Truck is under 3000lbs. but I need the trailer to have trailer brakes. I know that U-Haul rents them, but no brakes. Pat
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    Power Steering Pump

    OK, I got a used ps pump, because mine was puking out all over the place. This is in a Ford Ranger. At first it didn't sound very good, then the whine that it made slowly decreased. Then I turned the wheel all the way to the stops and it got worse again. So my question is, does it take a little...
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    Speed Sports Expo

    Is anyone going to go to the Speed Sports Expo this weekend. On their website they said the Hawian Tropic girls are going to be there.
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    Does anyone know where I can get a pulley puller. I had my powersteering pump go out, and got another, now I need to pull the pulley. Maybe someone in SD has one they want to let me borrow for a day or two? Thanks
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    What is this?

    See the attached picture, I don't know what this is, when I bought my truck, it was something the guy had lying around, it looks to me like a fuel filter, due to the connectors, but it has to be the largest fuel filter I have ever seen. Also it says Earl's Performance Products on the top. Thanks
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    I am looking for someone who has a reciept for a FIPK intake for a Ford Ranger 4.0L. I would need a copy of it if possible. Please PM me if you have one. Thanks
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    Has anyone gotten supplemental insurance for their vehicle. I was talking with Geico the other day, and they said that they would only insure me for the blue book value of the truck. I know that the blue book is not the actual value of my truck, so how do you go about getting supplemental...
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    Blemished Tires

    Does anyone have any experience with blemished tires? As my hunt for used tires is slow going, someone told me about blems. From what I understand, a company cannot actually sell a defective tire, but the blem. tires that they sell have some visual defect that does not compromise the integrity...
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    In my last truck ranger 4.0 w/8.8 had 456's, I am now putting gears in the same type of truck (now 2wd), but this truck will not be used for daily driver. I am wondering if I should put higher ratio gears in. I want it to do really good in the desert, mostly used in the sand. If I put 513's in...