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    diesel mechanic in Vegas or Phoenix Area

    Does anyone know a good Chevy diesel mechanic in Vegas or Phoenix?
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    Calling BITD, and Legacy and SNORE, 6800 rules

    Can any of these organizations confirm a 6800 class for 2021... Meaning the OLD 6100 class rules, 37 inch tires, no under drive, 430 motor? I am sure there are others out there with trucks to these specifications and the ones like me need a decision.. When I talked with Legacy they mentioned...
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    Looking to purchase a Class 10 Car

    I am looking to purchase a class 10 sometime towards the end of next month. I have few I am going to look at in the Vegas, SoCal area. If you have one up for sale please feel free to contact me.
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    Possibly Stupid Question Score or BITD Cage Tagging in Vegas

    OK I have a UTV that needs to be tagged how does one go about doing that in Vegas? any suggestions?
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    Does anyone know these guys or own one of these?$80000-USD-COMPLETE---COVID-19-SPECIAL-PRICING-164856