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    Cam Lock 5 Point vs Traditional Harness

    We get a lot of mud up here, and if you're not on top of keeping them clean then they build up a lot of friction and start to release poorly. I am interested in seeing what new camlocks from a good brand like Impact would be, as the ones I experienced were from lower quality brands and hadn't...
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    On Topic Why dual batteries in an off-road truck?

    As mentioned, redundancy. We have 2 in our system set to keep charge, but typically only run off the primary. We leave the secondary as a backup in case of critical battery or alternator failure, or we need the extra juice for winching (Ultra4 car in our case). Modern engines with modern control...
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    Racing or joy riding

    Our team is about the journey, not necessarily the outcome - and it shows by the continued growth of friends and family who come to races to support even though I'm 0 for 6 in terms of finishing. I'm not saying that my goal is to just be there and participate - I definitely agree with the...
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    What GPS Units Are You Running In Your Car?

    We run a Lowrance Elite Ti2 5" in our U4 car as a dedicated GPS. While we do use Leadnav on iPads as our primary navigation instrument, the Lowrance is a fantastic backup that handles everything you throw at it. I even made a mistake welding where I fried our radio, but the GPS was fine (Same...
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    Would you do it ?

    As a non-sponsored Canadian racer, I'd do it. If the promoters can figure out all the logistics, I can pinch my pennies and make it happen. This is one of those events that if it takes place, would be a once in a life time adventure - and that's what we're all about. We already focus our year...
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    Who's installed a hand brake on their build?

    Absolutely, and yeah it can be added later on fairly easy. If you do some sort of crazy center console/dash you might have to get creative with mounting, but all and all pretty straightforward to install at any point.
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    Who's installed a hand brake on their build?

    There's no reason not to put one in if you want one, you just have to understand how to use it and practice. It's basic plumbing - just goes in line between your master and your rear calipers. Goes Master - line - hoon handle - line - rear brakes. You just have to make a mount for it and run new...
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    If you love off road racing how are you not there?

    First year we missed since we started going in 2017. Would have been there, but with the border restrictions/quarantine upon return to Canada it wasn't doable. Watched as much as possible. My soul was there, that's for sure!
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    Desert Truck Advice

    I'd start with suspension. A good setup suspension can make or break a vehicle. Stock truck suspension doesn't remotely cut it haha. Companies like Baja Kits and Dirt King make different levels of kits that you should take a look at to get inspiration or consider. Baja Kits...
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    Desert Truck Advice

    Yeah but it's way better to be able to sleep in your house AND race your truck. Haha. So they sky is the limit when it comes to building, and after doing some builds without really setting a budget I can honestly say it's bitten me in the ass and ended up costing more. Set yourself some goal...
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    2021 KOH Toyo Desert Challenge - Live video, scoring and updates

    The PPV coverage is fantastic. The constantly live helo/drone shots ensured there was action on screen almost the entire race today. I feel like I already got my money's worth and it's only the first day. Keep it up Hammerking.
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    Lowrance VS LeadNav

    Both compliment each other - especially as redundant systems. We run both in our Ultra4 car and both have worked flawlessly. We have used LeadNav in our chase rigs because most of us have iPhones, but we also haven't done long chase races like the Baja 500/1000 with it (Hammers is our biggest...
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    Optima versus Odyssey batteries

    2015-2017 I watched over half a dozen Optima batteries die within 6 months of purchase. I've got 4x Odyssey Extreme series batteries (2 from 2016, 2 from 2018) that have lived in and out of big tire and Ultra4 race cars/chase trucks/diesel tow pigs that operate at -50C without being plugged in...
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    What's the word? Linked frame trucks are dead?

    Being a fellow Canadian racer, there's racing to be had here - which class to build for is really your big ticket question. As Dave mentioned, Ultra4 North is currently present out here in Alberta and Montana, hosted by our local groups Punisher 4x4 (AB) and YORR (Montana). Great crew to race...
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    Class 11 showdown at 2021 KOH

    This will be awesome to see. Maybe next year I'll stop breaking my 4800 car before the race, and chase trucks after the race so I can actually check out some of the other events haha.
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    Are teams still making pit books/binders?

    We are doing pit books for all future races, especially with building a dedicated pit truck this year (tool locations/radio instructions are critical for new pit members).
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    Rock Crawler Value

    Rock crawlers are a niche market. There is only a very small amount of the population who is willing to put out big money on a custom rock crawler, and then also be willing to work on it to maintain/repair it or pay someone to do so. The larger market wants to get in and go, so yes, I'd say...
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    Welders...? What would you buy

    I've personally owned a Lincoln Power Mig 256 (MIG) and Everlast PowerTig 200DV (TIG) and have had issues with neither. Sold the Lincoln purely to free up some cash, and am borrowing a Miller 212 in it's place. I also like the Miller - main differences are that the Lincoln had a digital readout...
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    The #AHBEEF Life - Thoughts?

    I've been watching them for a while. I'm not the biggest fan of ones like the last adventure one, but it's also not a video style I normally watch. I watch for the race/pre runner vehicle/race and up close/background runnings of the team, and I really enjoy those. I like that it gives a real...
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    Bypasses or Bumpstops for mid travel

    I agree with 619offroad; bump it and strap it, then put the fancy shocks on there when possible. Protect the setup first. Learned that lession the first time I destroyed a brand new coil over.