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    Torsion Bars Question?

    I ran a 2 seat 9 car and used 27mm Short bars, not 300m. The reason was because of the spring rate rise and gain and the low amount of twist a 9 car actually applies to a T-bar. The shorter bar allowed me to run a lighter preload with a faster spring rate that would help prevent bottoming. The...
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    Anybody see the 04 bronco concept?

    Kris- Can you say CAFE!!! I know it sucks, but Ford is no different than any other car manufacturer who has to meet mileage standards. The 2.0 diesel may actually be a good unit for crawlers with the high torque numbers. With a short wheelbase, it will never be a (very) high speed desert cruiser.
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    laughlin route

    If you take the route through Amboy, you can fuel up in Yucca Valley and not be too upset about the fuel prices. Once you leave there, the prices start rising until you get to Az. You can also take the 62 out to the river and head north on the 95.
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    DARPA rejects form IRRF event in September.

    Cory- I prerun in a 101" car, old 1600. You have to think outside your current box. The vehicle has to work in all situations, not just running whoops at speed. There won't be any techs in the vehicle if I read the rules right... Mr. Loomis, I obviously know enough to keep you pissed off...
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    Auto parts

    Just go into the office of the closest wrecking yard near you and tell them what you are looking for, even color. They will put the request out on a statewide(or larger) intercom and other yards will call them with the part and cost. Expect to pay half of what it will cost new plus a little more...
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    DARPA rejects form IRRF event in September.

    Nah...a 100" wheelbase Chenowth 4LWD with 1600 car like components. Even just beefed stock parts will whip any of the Sporty SUV's they are talking about. I wonder if Chenowth is in this game anyway. They would probably receive special treatment with all the FAV and drone work they have done in...
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    Auto parts

    There are several in the Riverside/Colton area. There is a fairly large one off of Pyrite and the 60 freeway near Rubidoux just west of Riverside. Have you thought about them putting out a call for one on the radio phone? Martin
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    9 Rocker Arm Question

    Mike- I think just about everyone runs the aftermarket solid shaft rocker assembly with bolted ends and solid spacers. Martin
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    The new Rialto Off Road Raceway jump champion!

    Dave- are you serious about the guy running dirt into the ROR facility or just joking? I would hope just a joke. Hate to see anything happen that would place Greg and Jen in the position of trying to keep their lease. Did he just overshoot and nose over? martin
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    We're all gonna die

    Re: We\'re all gonna die You know what? I don't know a person alive today that was: A. worried about earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc... B. a vegetarian, didn't drink, didn't smoke, etc... C. wore clean underwear, washed behind the ears, etc... 150 years ago...
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    It is dark the dunes are closed

    Yeah- It sucks, and there are groups that are currently fighting it. ORBA, CORVA, etc...are in the legal battle trying to end these kinds of tactics. I don't know if anyone realizes it, but we now pay EXTRA to recreate on a lot of the public land we already pay taxes to maintain. These funds...
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    Misconceptions by uninformed people

    First- I want to apologize to those who took the movie quote I was trying to use in humor as a personal attack, it was not. It was an attempt to get everyone to look inward and see exactly what you are offering the sport and whether it contributes to the advancement or downfall of said sport...
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    It is dark the dunes are closed

    Junior, The BLM and the Imperial County Board of Supervisors, I believe, are who made the joint decission. And technically, it is a legal closure, although it can only be temporary as an emergency, not never ending. A permanent closure would require Studies that would include Public Input for a...
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    Laughlin drawing ?

    The hill! The hill is a great place, better than the bleachers, and if you bring Binoculars, you can see a lot of the course from up there.
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    Flatbillers ??

    Yeah- Its not about being different, if they wanted to be "different", they wouldn't be dressing like the guy in the next wannabe prerunner from fabtech. Orvacion, truth be told, it takes more guts not to follow all the sheeple and that is how to be different, Buying chunks of metal and twisting...
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    #902 updates

    Yeh, just curious why it needed fixin? That car always worked when the Parkers had it.
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    Class 9 Engine parts

    Cory- for a cam- you should try to get a hold of something like a fat grind or major grind(maybe try Webcam to see if they can help you out). Many of the engine builders don't use an off the shelf cam like the engle 120, but it won't be too far from there for an average motor. For the...
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    Re: Christmas Jeff- they could always have a tatoo put on their foreheads to designate what religion (if any) they practice... What really pisses me off is the ones who get offended if you don't give them the proper greeting for their religion. If they want to look at history, many people have...
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    PreRunner class for SCORE and BITDO

    It is sportsman for a reason. The idea is not to have folks who race sportsman for the rest of their racing careers, but to race it as a stepping stone into the "Pro" classes. If you have any intention of racing, you should try to build up whatever you are building to be class legal for...
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    Flatbillers ??

    Tib- The Raiders Nation types are not the same. They usually go for a silver or black Chevy with a mild lift, nice chrome rims, and the BIG raiders sticker in the back window. Most will also have a harley-davidson sticker(small) somewhere on the ride too, but they won't have a harley. They want...