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    Friggin oil at 117.00!

    $2.98 at the Walmart in Lancaster, TX, just south of Dallas (6/29/12).
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    4wd Tacoma CV Issue

    Another option is to swap to manual hub CVs.
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    I was just a baby in the 60's, but in the early 80's many recommended recurve bows for bowfishing, presumably because you could draw more quickly than with a compound. But the video in the original post shows them drawing those compounds fairly quickly. Recently, I looked up prices on...
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    I used to bowfish with a recurve bow in the early 80's.
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    88 yota sway bar removal

    I removed the front sway bar on my daily driven 03 Tacoma 4x4 and kept it off for about a year. It seemed to perform better on my occasional off-road jaunts, but I was always uncomfortable driving it on the street, especially when making turns. The body lean just felt too much, and that was...
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    Spring Compressor help in AZ

    I don't know how your 05 F150 is set up, but for comparison sake, I was only charged $20 to have a local tire shop here in Texas compress both springs on the front coilover/strut assemblies of my 03 Tacoma. Took less than 1/2 an hour to do. I realize labor and prices over in the Western states...
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    Who here practise contact sports?

    Here's the program I train with, known as the Texas Gladiators:
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    Who here practise contact sports?

    Just a beginner taking MMA classes as a hobby and to keep in shape. I don't compete or anything - at my age (40's) I'm too old. I actually prefer the light sparring over all the brually tiring drills and exercises. If I'm lucky, my body can recover enough to be able to return to class in less...
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    '96 E4OD trans lines

    I believe the line that hooks up to the rear of the trans is the return line.
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    Surgery- info needed fast.

    Oh, and you're not supposed to eat anything with lots of fat after they take out your gall bladder. Every once in awhile I'll eat something fattening, like greasy fries or fried food. Sometimes I end up with a stomach ache and sometimes I'm fine, but I don't do it that often just in case...
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    Surgery- info needed fast.

    I had mine removed two years ago - piece of cake. Before gall bladder removal: constant stomach aches, vomiting, diarrhea, even ended up at the emergency room a few times. Suffered like that for 2 to 3 years til the last time I ended up in the hospital for 2 weeks, vomiting every hour by the...
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    anyone with experience with duffco?

    I had their prerunner bumper on a 99 Tacoma I used to own. When I was ordering it, they explained that their bumper was more of a light bar that bolts up to the frame. I had them build it out of .120" wall thickness to give it more strength. When I got it, I had a local welder custom...
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    Trans: Single pass vs. Dual pass cooler

    I don't know if this will help your situation, but what I did with my 93 Bronco junkyard E4OD (after the original was ruined from overheating) was bypass the factory, in-radiator cooler and install two auxiliary trans coolers and an external, in-line filter. It's mostly driven on street with an...
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    Modified CV axle options for LT Tacoma

    With a few Tacoma owners wanting to swap to manual hubs, maybe you could trade yours for an ADD hub setup in order to run the Tundra axles?
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    Friggin oil at 117.00!

    $2.27 at the Walmart in Lancaster, TX (just south of Dallas). I have a nagging feeling the drop in oil prices is just temporary, though. Sure hope I'm wrong....
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    Baddest female costar

    Well, since we're on a Kung Fu theatre roll, there's always the landlady from the movie "Kung Fu Hustle":
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    Baddest female costar

    I always thought Michelle Yeoh played some tough characters:
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    Texas Racers

    Are you working with Rich in establishing "TORRA"? Reason I ask is because Rich and I already came up with that name a few years back when we tried to set up a grassroots race here in Texas: Unfortunately, the realities of...
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    n00bish trans-cooler question

    I don't know if bypassing the stock in-radiator cooler is OK or not. However, I bypassed it on my 93 fullsize Bronco with the E4OD trans, but I only did that because I heard there's a possibility that the stock in-radiator cooler may eventually develop an interior leak as it ages. Don't know...
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    joe horn

    I remember reading about this incident and hearing the 911-call recording many months ago. The two issues that concern me about the whole thing are 1) the rule of law and 2) the safety of the officers. With respect to the rule of law, it's hard to know if the guy really was in any danger so...