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    Toy Drive

    I know many of you aren't rich, and many of you are already giving to a charity of your choice this year (including the offroad toy drive) but I have to ask, as a firefighter who does this every year, We are involved with the Spark of Love Toy Drive here in Riverside County. Thats the I.E. or...
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    Celebrity Jepp racecars

    Alright, for the real old timers (and Tony Barraza haha) I have found one of the old Celebrity Jeeps used at the races at the Colliseum and Riverside. You guys remember these, they had the sunburst with the stars on the hoods, a standard performance parts package so they were all the same, and...
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    Everyone in an area where it can happen, Good luck this weekend. If you remember the Panorama Fire of 1980, the latest fire in Waterman Canyon looks like it could be it. Think smart and be safe! Martin off to the fire
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    Green Sticker rip offs

    Well, here is the latest that your Green Sticker Funds have been spent on. The OHV Commission decided it was ok to spend millions from the Buffer zone fund for Prarie City on about 4000 acres more than 5 miles from Prarie City OHV Park. The money had been saved and earmarked to purchase land...
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    MDR Schedule for '04

    MDR Schedule for \'04 Is the proposed schedule right? Or is it a misprint that the night race is September and the August race is a day race? Just wondering.
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    Movie Question for SLR or anyone who knows

    My kid told me he watched an offroad movie about truck racing. Said it was pretty cheesy, but the offroad shots were good. It was about some guy named "Zack" who was to fill in for Roger Mears in the Nissan 7 truck and race against the Arcadia Nissan Truck drivien by "Buck" in Nevada. Since...
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    Class 5-1600/600

    Ok, after many races with the class split, it appears the class should have never been split. Instead of 10 cars in class, you have 3-4 and 5-6. And an old school 5-1600 has been the fastest pretty much everytime. I say make it 1 class next year.
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    Fee Demo coming!!!

    Ok, I think you have heard it before, but the official word is out from the Barstow BLM Office. The OHV area Fee Demo Program is going to be implemented in the following 4 OHV areas- Stoddard Valley, Johnson Valley, El Mirage, and Dumont. It will be 20 for a weeks pass or 60 dollars for 1 year...
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    Damn those old tires...

    Well, still not in the top 10, but the Glen is next week! Too bad his car kinds futtered towards the end. Second would have been nice! I guess Kevin said it best when he said Robby did a great job holding those guys back to cement the win. Next week Robby!
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    Ok..heres the question...If the car comes with 2 inline catalytic converters from the factory, does it haveto have 2 to be in compliance with the California smog laws, or can one take the place of 2? If you have to maintain the original design, what was ford thinking with the 2 inlet Cat? I can...
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    Another rans question

    Ok, my turn. The Bronco I just bought has the a4od in it. Seemed ok on flat ground, but I live in Big Bear and drive up and down the hill a lot! I don't like the trans settings and wonder if there is a way to get 2nd to hold while climbing up hill? I can tell it will be a problem when I tow...
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    Exporer trans rebuild

    Question for folks in the I.E.- My neighbor has a '91 Ford Exporer that, unfortunately, she has had nothing but troubles with since she got it 3 years ago. Replaced the flywheel twice, had the trans rebuilt once, etc... It is a 4.0 with an automatic, 4x4. Well, the trans has taken a dump again...
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    Del Mar Fair

    Was anyone there Tuesady for the 50's amd BMX jumping? Unfortunately I can't be there today(I wanted to enter the prerun buggy and try for the Lawn Dart Award at B&R Buggy, but the chief said "Too much time off lately". I wondered what the deal was with the 50's race. They had modified pro...
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    Front hubs

    I have a question for anyone who has experience with the Auto front hubs from Ford. How reliable are they? I am picking up an '88 Bronco this week and was wondering if those are something I should ditch right away? As I move into the suspension, who offers the best all around front...
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    Picked up the super detailed Ivan Stewart TT today at an antique sale...20 bucks! They are out there!
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    The other offroad..!

    It is short notice, but I will have a couple seats open for whitewater rafting tomorrow, Tuesday the 19th. Will be a 1 day trip up to the upper Kern. Will be back in the Victorville area about 5:30 tomorrow night. PM me or email. I have room for 2-3 people right now. Martin
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    California Gold Racing

    Anyone else see the blurb on Glenn Harris and his California Gold Company? He is supplying the military Humvees with fuel racks to cary 30 gallons of extra diesel so they can travel longer distances in Iraq since fuel is so far apart. Another Offroader making the military connection for cash...
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    Elsinore MX Track

    Anyone gonna be there this weekend? Suppose to be a huge 50 race going on. I will be there working for the medical side of you guys that fall down and go boom. One of my sons will be flagging. Have fun and be safe! Martin If your gonna go, go BIG
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    STX Ranger 4wd

    I was wondering if anyone could give me some insight into this truck. I am looking at a 1988 4wd STX with teh 2.9 and auto trans. The rear end is making noise(yes it is the rear) What were the specifics from the factory with these trucks? does it have a 7.5 or an 8.8? I am assuming it has 3.73...
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    Bush and water

    Clean Water Act- This affects morethan the desert, but the Law and exmptions apply there too, and it really pisses me off! Bush has made changes to an existing rule about construction site run-off. Prior to this change, all construction sites were to take measures to prevent runoof from reaching...