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  1. Old School 8

    1981 Mint 400 Program

    From the 1981 Mint 400 Program
  2. Old School 8

    1980 Riverside Raceway JD Brand race

    1980 Riverside. JD Brand race. I was 22 years old, there were over 100,000 in attendance, and 33 class 8s lined up for the Land Rush Start. I was driving a garage built Chevy, 12 Rough Country shocks, 5 BFG tires, and a borrowed engine. "Hot Rod City" was a local speed shop that I hung out at...
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    Looking for class 8 racer Dean Witaker

    In early 1988, I built a new body-style class 8 Chevy. So in 1989, I sold my old class 8 Chevy to another Tucsonan (Dean Whitaker) who was a class 5 racer. Dean took a few years to up-date that old yellow Chevy, and in his first Off Road race in class 8, he showed up with the truck painted...
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    1985 Mint 400 Trophy

    Attached photo of a 1985 Mint 400 trophy. I was at my friends house over the weekend (Kevin and Patty O'Connell) and saw this trophy hanging on the wall in thier garage. They raced a class 3, CJ7 Jeep, back in the day, and it was originally built by Ray Russell. I believe this Jeep is still...
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    In the desert with artillery

    > Subject: haha "Being lost in the desert is bad. Being lost in the desert with artillery . . ." > Date: Sat, 5 Feb 2011 16:26:27 -0800 > > Live-ammo exercises bring Marine warning to race fans > By Wesley G. Hughes Staff Writer > > > TWENTYNINE PALMS - Don't go wandering around...
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    Pop Gun (Pete ?)

    Special Az vanity plate, found on a SMART car, in a parking lot in Tucson Az
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    The 1st Dodge Sponsored race-truck

    Enclosed photo's of the "John Baker factory-backed Dodge class 8" restoration. Dont hold me to all the specific details, as this is not my project, but a project of a long-time chaser friend of mine, Alex. This truck was literally found on E-bay four years ago, and was sitting in a horse-corral...
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    Phoenix, short course 1990 (Flannery)

    Link below to my latest Video on YouTube. The 1990 SCORE Heavy Metal Chjallenge at PHoenix International Raceway. Apparently I didnt race the Heavy Metal race, but was there (as seen in the class 8 video). Also note the crash of the Randal's class 4. Seen in this video, is Jack Flannery, whom...
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    More Video from 1990 SCORE Heavy Metal

    Link to my latest video on my Youtube Channel. Walker, Robby, Vessels, Flannery, Randal, all Desert Trucks, racing on a short course. Apparently I was THERE, (as seen in the class 8 race) but for some reason didnt make the Heavy Metal Challenge. (Heavy Metal = Class 8, class 4, class 3, and class 6)
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    SCORE 1990 Off Road World Championships at PIR

    Enclosed link to my latest video on YOUTUBE. After attending the Cup race there this weekend I decided to dig it out of my archives. Filmed in 1990, it was SCORE's attempt at replacing the Riverside Calif short course venue. There was only one race weekend held, as I guess it didnt work out. As...
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    RIP Aaron Fredericks

    In the Grande scheme of Off Road Racing, I would surmise not many RDC'ers knew of Aaron Fredericks. He was a relative of Dean Whitaker, the guy who bought my first class 8. (the black class 8 Chevy that was posted on here a few weeks ago, that was purchased to race in the Norra 1000 deal)...
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    Off-Road Swap Meet

    I think I read that the Annual Curt LeDuc swap-meet, at the Morongo Casino, will be held Feb 28th. That date is on a Sunday. Is there a flyer out yet ? I'm thinking with the tough economy today, there should be lots of smokin deal to be had this year.
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    Whiplash Rocky-Point Pre-run

    I got the E-mail below, in my in-box last night. Hello all you Mexico fans! It's time to go south and see what I have been promoting so we can come back and tell all the doubters what a great time we had and what they will all be missing if they don't go. Here's the deal! IF YOU...
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    Your tax dollars at work

    The BLM blocks Wickenburg for trucks and buggies! This is a sign of the times. The BLM has made it impossible for Whiplash to race the trucks and buggies at Vulture Mine by imposing huge fines for damage to the desert. Why not just pull our permit? They did not pull our permit because if...
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    Robbie Knievel New Years 09

    Although the motorcycle jump by Robbie Madison was cool, there was another Robbie in last Vegas last night.
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    Leduc swap meet

    I'm thinking that we are now in some tough times, and there seems to be a few bigger teams falling on hard times too. MAYBE, Curt should have another swap meet in Palm Springs in the Fall, instead of waiting till the Spring. I know that I for one, have found some smokin deals at the swap meet...
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    New Doherty Motorsports class 8

    Enclosed couple of photo's taken around July 1st. Construction was started around Jan 1st ('07). After the sale of my old class 8, I spent too much time (a year) helping out other racer friends go racing, and not building my own ! I've been holding off starting this thread, until I had more...
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    Az Off High-way User Fund

    This was in my in-box today. I'm not into the Arizona Trail System, but it does involve questions on how the Arizona Off Highway Vehicle Fund should be spent. (Keep in mind, we in Arizona send letters of importance about land use in your state). CLICK HERE TO TAKE THE ARIZONA TRAIL...
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    1980 SCORE Riverside Heavy Metal

    Enclosed scans are from some old letter I came across, in an old file cabinette. Riverside 1980 was my first class 8 race, at the ripe old age of 22. AND, it involved borrowing a truck and trailer, for the long tow from Tucson AZ, (at the mandated 55 mph !) Sal Fish personally sent these...
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    Off-Road Swap Meet

    Can someone confirm that the LeDuc Swap Meet is this weekend (Sat Feb 9th)? And I assume its at the same location (Morongo Casino) in Palm Springs ? I went last year (from AZ). I sold $1200 worth of stuff, and then purchased $1200 of other peoples stuff ! Everyone with adds in the RDC...