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    Video New Video Project Highlights Untold Stories of Motorsports Legend Cal Wells

    Look forward to seeing the compilation when completed. Bit shocked Cal wasn't inducted earlier his approach to running the PPI off-road team certainly set the bar for his time.
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    Monster Energy Baja 1000 Start To Finish

    Really cool piece. Excellent job. PAB your truly a class act not only to stop but to pull over and put your race down for a competitor. Hats off to you. I thought this was going to be a "short" film, i.e. 2 minutes, but wow really much more. Keep up the great work Tempt and Monster! You've...
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    Rest in peace Bob and Sharon Gordon

    Condolences to the Gordon family during this very difficult time.
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    Show your open trailer, looking for ideas for a new one.

    Jeff, We built mine with 8-lug torsion axles for 3 reasons: 1 - Use same bolt patter as GM HD trucks 2 - Torsion are way more compliant on road (i.e. less spring bounce) 3 - No shackles/springs etc. to fail Rating is way overkill. Other idea we did was to pull the axles/wheels in slightly so...
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    Challenging TT Specs for the Baja 1000

    Yeah - but what about starting in front of the "Pro" Trucks?!!! Oh wait. Sorry I had a flash back. I am now officially old. No dog in this fight. Carry on.
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    Drug Testing for Off Road Racing

    At least for large companies the Republic of Kalifornia does not allow random drug testing. Gotta have 2 or more people finger the person and have some element of probably cause. Oregon might be different.
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    Single seat ,light weight 10 cars with 2.4s vs 2 seat for short course dez races.

    Wise words. The only thing I missed when we went from Class 10 to Class 1 were all the zero's behind that 1 that were needed. Too many rules championed by individuals looking to further their cause. I still chuckle from the day I heard one Type 4 proponent say rules were needed to be modified...
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    PCI Kenwood TK-790H Fixed Head to Remote Head Conversion - Ferrite/Choke Ring

    Bob, Thanks for the reply. PCI top notch customer service beat you to it. Next day after my post Gerado beat you to it and called me in the office!! He was helpful enough to make me dangerous and from experience I knew this one was best left to the professionals. For those wondering it is a...
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    PCI Kenwood TK-790H Fixed Head to Remote Head Conversion - Ferrite/Choke Ring

    Wanted to post this here to potentially have a benefit for others. I have a PCI Kenwood TK-790H that I would like to convert from fixed head to remote head. After popping the face off I noticed that there is what appears to be a choke or ferrite ring installed between the speaker and the...
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    **VIDEO** take a look at Sheila's rear!

    I want more HP after watching that!
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    Is Dirt Sports out of business?

    I too am hoping my June edition shows up as well. Why..... It will inevitably be the best write up there is on Ironman's truck. And Mike, yes, people and maybe me are quick to judge. And yes I do realize that putting together and distributing a magazine with a limited staff must be a...
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    Is Dirt Sports out of business?

    Trouble is their ability to provide digital content is no better. My digital sub stopped withe the Feb 12 issue about six short. Ended up with 2 print subs and I am not going to risk dropping all by contacting them. Great content but absolutely horrendous distribution. Btw what issue was...
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    Toyota will sell diesel hybrids trucks in CA

    I realize that many of you are way to young to remember when Toyota imported diesels, so this comment might confuse those that purchased a Camry, Hilux or Corolla in the past and have to put diesel in it. :) So tell me how many of you would pay $8-10K for a 1/2-ton diesel? How about $5-8k for...
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    Radio Noise Problem

    Bob, 100% agree with you on the instructions but...... Since the ground is not necessary why not just terminate it(i.e. cut it off) so that there is no confusion? After 5 years of owning my car I'll have to see if mine is wired in. Pretty sure it is. Had one hell of a wine going towards the...
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    SCORE pump gas Class 1

    Rory, Amen! While I am one that is for controlling expenses on SOME of the classes I am not sure putting limits on unlimited classes and adding in another class is the solution. I agree with you SCORE should work to streamline the classes. Unfortunately we can see that SCORE has a pattern of...
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    Vintage race photos from Riverside Raceway and BAJA 1000

    Totally cool photos!! Little bit before my time. :) My first 3-wheeler was a 1982 ATC250R when I was in 6th grade. I remember racing both my 1985 ATC250R & 1987 TRX250R at Riverside. That track and the LA Colesium have to be 2 of my favorite experiences along with the Pomona MTEG where we...
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    Score Tag For Class 10

    Likely to be ok but..... I wouldn't hesitate to call Savage and find out what the "rule of the day" is. My experience with that class is there are "rules" that never found their way into the book. To be fair mostly engine related though.
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    3 wheeler racers

    No apologies needed!! Don't think there are many here that have memories for these days. Besides my chances of overalling an ADRA race were often crushed by chasing Herder and my desires to focus on short-course. A lot of memories with the time spent across the country on those "things"...
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    3 wheeler racers

    Depends on what I might be admitting too. :) Raced a 3-wheeler from 1983~1986 up until I was "forced" into a Fourtrax....
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    Pictures/Updates/Results from Norra Mexican 1000

    Amen to that!! The dust out of Loreto was horrid especially w/o any wind. Note to NORRA - you might want to re-think having the SS finish at the end of a high speed road. We were not a full race speed, due to the dust, but came up on the finish & John Swift at a rate of speed that just about...