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  1. jrtorres

    Protrucks still go fast!!

    I prep the Staats protruck, and used to also prep rick johnsons' agave motorsports/competitive door and finish protruck, and in my opinion the major thing that may need to be dealt with is the shocks..they need an upgrade. And they definitely hold up well that's for sure. I think one of the best...
  2. jrtorres

    Cool VW Touareg race truck pic's

    stole the words right out of my mouth!
  3. jrtorres

    New Manifold (work of art)

    sooooo sexaaaayyy
  4. jrtorres

    The eyes of the world are upon us. Let's Rally!

    I'm 100% in for this.
  5. jrtorres

    Off Road Night @ Stampede temecula

    I wish it wasn't on a week day so i could get down there.
  6. jrtorres

    Sierra Club comments @ Cali 200

    agree 100% . The problem is expecting other people to have the same sense of self responsibility.
  7. jrtorres

    MDR 200 Memorial

    I completely agree. Was thinking about the same thing myself. I think a memorial on site would not only pay respects to those lost, and also serve as a reminder for those who spectate there in the future to be SAFE. IMO probably be a better preventative measure than any tape, fence, or k-rail.
  8. jrtorres

    Props to Marty Fiolka

    x2...I really don't understand why the sierra club was even there to speak?
  9. jrtorres

    Shocker Gloves Giving it All to

    Awesome idea! Unfortunately i've donated all i can afford to give at the moment but this is a great idea and hopefully some other companies will do the same.
  10. jrtorres

    This in car is crazy! can tell the co-driver wasn't too happy about it haha
  11. jrtorres

    Donate to Assist the Families & Victims of the Tragic California 200 Accident

    Donation sent and link posted to facebook.
  12. jrtorres

    4th annual Clean-Dezert Barstow Clean-up

    I was kinda thinking the same thing when they brought that in...seemed more like fertilizer than trash but hey, gotta commend them for commitment and effort lol
  13. jrtorres

    4th annual Clean-Dezert Barstow Clean-up

    Sweet!! Last year was a blast, somebody found a cow skeleton lol. Count me in!
  14. jrtorres

    Best Clutch?

    Yeah i have considered going OEM ...and i looked at Tilton but they don't have one for my application..i'm just wondering how long a OEM will hold up to bigger tires 4x4 and a little more power.
  15. jrtorres

    Best Clutch?

    What clutch brands have you guys had good experiences with? long story short, i am putting a new motor in my 3.4l tacoma 4x4..mostly stock stuff and i need a new clutch. So with the 4x4 being a clutch eater and adding a little more power who makes a good upgrade? Every time i think i have made...
  16. jrtorres

    Say a prayer for Chuck Dempsey

    Chuck is flying back home tonight..should land around 9:30
  17. jrtorres

    Say a prayer for Chuck Dempsey

    He's been making calls and talking to people. He's most pissed that he is missing the baja trip he had planned for this week. He also remembers everything leading up to the "event" including where his truck is parked at the airport and all kind of details like that so it's looking very promising.
  18. jrtorres

    Danzio parker crash.

    That's what i was wondering too
  19. jrtorres

    Say a prayer for Chuck Dempsey

    As of this afternoon he was mostly coherent and understands he's had a heart attack. Still getting blood work done and getting lungs checked out. "stable but fragile" condition. Good sign that he is able to understand what happened.