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    Do you like racing in Baja or do you like racing SCORE ? Entries have been low for every series i think due to the economy, but if SCORE stopped racing or couldnt secure racing in Baja, Would you race CODE or RECORD if they jacked up the price a bit for Heli coverage and security ?
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    5-1600 video, short and sweet

    last saturday at the Record Ensenada-SF race
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    baja pits locations for the 500 ?

    anybody knows where theyll be ?
  4. 01_el_tiburon

    nice Baja 250 TT video

  5. 01_el_tiburon

    Looks like menzies and JC Lopez Penalized, Vildosola Wins.

    Several penalized. Looks live Tavo takes the win.
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    SF community selling stickers to keep the 250 alive !!

    The San Felipe Business Community will be selling stickers to help pay the land owners for the crossing of the San Felipe 250. Asd you all know the race runs through private property, so payments must be made a week after the race. Help the San Felipe 250 and the San Felipe community buying a...
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    video cody´s crash..

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    short videos nasser stage 2, think he got the hang of it ?

    can anybody translate what the camera guy says in video #2 ?
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    Nasser Robby, shifting 101...

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    Congrats to RDC's Randy "randys" Swink on the sportsman truck win !!

    I just want to congratulate my good buddies Randy Swink, Steve and Arturo Montaño for the finish and win in Sportsman Triuck. They battled the baja 1000 for 27 1/2 hours and won, being the only finisher in class. Not a lot of time racing and allready a Baja 500 and a Baja 1000 under his belt ...
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    baja 500 results

    43rd Tecate SCORE Baja 500 Round 3 of five-race 2011 SCORE Desert Series June 2-5, 2011—Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico 452.84 miles Total Starters: 254 Total Finishers 160 (62.99 percent) OFFICIAL FINISHERS (Following data tracking review) Pro Cars & Trucks SCORE TROPHY-TRUCK...
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    Norra Mike and the Mexicali Mayor

    Great meeting between Norra´s Mike Pearlman and the Mexicali mayor. Mike gave the mayor a NORRA, the race trophy, but said that if he wanted another one, he´d have to earn it.
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    2011 Baja 250 Matomi video. Awesome sounds...
  14. 01_el_tiburon

    run away PAB spare at the 250 !!

    jeeez, nice gift, but a funky delivery PAB !!! always doing it DA style.... at 0:45
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    class 7 RIP video.. SO SAD.....
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    CODE February Class 11 chalenge promo

    Tavo inviting all you TT drivers to the CODE feb 12th class 11 challenge, several class 11s still available, come race, or just join us for this one of a lifetime event, land rush starts, Grand Prix Format, so races are on the whole day !! Real men race class 11 ...
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    live start online
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    Robby clips, start line, broken camera and finger