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  1. MikeAdams

    Old ORW street baja

    Don't know much of the history, definitely not an old race car, maybe chase car? super fun nonetheless.. Picked it up for my dad, did a fast and nasty IRS conversion and we've had an epic couple of trips.. and leaving for another turkey day in the dezert come this week. Don't mind the wiring...
  2. MikeAdams

    Small Kids and Off-Roading

    I have 3 children under 5 and can't afford a giant 5 seat prerunner. We do have the family Baja bug, however with the stock bench seat in the rear. On the street, we would need 1 booster and 2 car seats which will barely fit in our Durango. In the dirt- is it legal to put three kids in 5...
  3. MikeAdams

    McCain to Ocotillo... possible?

    Anyone know if it is possible to ride from McCain to Ocotillo on a motorcycle? Is it even legal? Google earth shows what looks like a trail but it's too hard to tell for sure. It seems Tony T. did a write up on one that ended in disastor but I can't find it since his site is down.
  4. MikeAdams

    Rare barnfind in Portugal?

    Anyone know the whole story to this? Looks alike a mafia storehouse to me... I did a search- hope it's not a repost..
  5. MikeAdams

    Tennis Elbow?

    I had every intention of racing D38 this year- but last year I was riding every other week and and my left arm had enough of the clutch. I was working out- with a full cardio/lifting and was actually in the best riding shape I had ever been in. Doc said to have full rest/ ice / and a ton of...
  6. MikeAdams

    Thought this was really cool...

    Got this as a PM... Hello Mike My name is Torbjörn, a Swede living in Germany and I just have to ask you a question about the pictures you´ve scanned with Bob Rodine and his buggy. The thing is as follow: I am into small-scale dunebuggies (1:10). I recently found out that one of my fav...
  7. MikeAdams

    A night with Ivan Stewart

    San Diego Auto Museum is going to have him speak on Aug 17th. Here's the info..
  8. MikeAdams

    New Feature?

    "Hello MikeAdams it appears that you have not posted on our forums in several weeks, why not take a few moments to ask a question, help provide a solution or just engage in a conversation with another member in any one of our forums? " Has this always appeared at the top of everyone's screens...
  9. MikeAdams

    Sand Buggy Model....circa 1969

    Ran into this in one of my old mags "Dune Buggies- the Fun Car Journal " June 1969. The improvisation was pretty cool....
  10. MikeAdams

    Advice for thanking friends

    Most of you don't know me- I'm a student at CSUSM finishing up a Computer Science degree. I do fab on the side and my wife pays most the bills. We're broke but we do have the most fun helping other teams and tooling around in our sand buggy. I also own a dinosaur of a KTM and put a ton of...
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    Lesson for the day.
  12. MikeAdams

    Off-Road A-Z

    The show is reairing today at 10:30 am on OLN. It seems they are going to show the whole series this month. has the full schedule in eastern time..I'm stoked- I haven't seen any of them yet..