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  1. buddy crisp

    Off Road Expo move-in

    I was looking on the Expo site and I could not see when the expo move-in times are tomorrow. Who knows what time it starts and ends?
  2. buddy crisp

    did the RALLY FIGHTER finish Parker?

    Here is the video from the Parker race..... Many thanks to all who help and waved us on during the race!!!! I have been racing in this community for nearly 20 years but the people from the Local Motors community are new to off road racing. The best and most appreciated compliment from them...
  3. buddy crisp

    Rally Fighter to race the Parker 425

    Yes it is true the Local Motors Rally Fighter will be competeing in the Parker 425 this weekend. The car will be racing under the WILDCARD racing colors and will be driven by myself, Buddy Crisp and by Brendan Fikes. We will have cars at contingency and at the main pit for all to see, come on...
  4. buddy crisp

    speeding/passing penalties???

    I have not seen a post of the speeding or course cutting penalties. Is there one posted somewhere?
  5. buddy crisp

    Looking for a pre-run partner for the 11th starting at Ojos

    We will be leaving the pavement at Ojos on the 11th at 8am and heading south towards a final destination at San Ignacio. We will be in the two seat Anadataco FODGE. It is a very fast and reliable prerunner and we will have a Ford Raptor shadowing us on the highway. We are just lookng for...
  6. buddy crisp

    Been racing and reading

    Hello Race-Dezert readers and writers, I have been racing desert for ten years, I have been racing my whole life. I started in quarter midgets @ 5years old and have been racing ever since. I have raced USAC midgets, sprint cars, and silver crown cars. I have raced Motorcycle flat track...