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  1. LukeMcMillin83

    Time limit. class 11. hendrickson V. Board

    Here, talk about class 11 and time limit in here! Don't ruin a good thread about the map and milages, it's about to get really exciting!! Good luck everyone! ... If you have no morals, my suggestion would be to put a nicely geared trans into the bug, haul butt to the finish, pull over a mile...
  2. LukeMcMillin83

    Baja Designs/McMillin Racing LED @ Midnight Special

    We were fortunate enough to test some of the newest Baja Designs LED technology this weekend at the MORE/SNORE Midnight special, the LED technology really has made leaps and bounds of improvement. The new On-X 6 Racer Edition" is in a league of it's own. If you weren't a fan of the LED's...
  3. LukeMcMillin83

    2014 Baja 500 Trophy Truck 83

    Someone asked me to post how the race was for TT83, so here it goes... Qualifying went great for us, in only our second race with less than 500 total miles on the truck coming into the race we were able to qualify 6th against a very stacked field. I was very happy with the truck. Race day...
  4. LukeMcMillin83

    McMillin/Racer Engineering Trophy Truck #83

    Here are a few pictures of the new Trophy Truck #83 built by Racer Engineering and the story behind the build... After many phone calls, messages, and questions I’ve finally wrote up the build thinking process… KEEP IN MIND THIS IS ALL OPINION BASED!! We had met and visited quite a few...
  5. LukeMcMillin83

    Class 1 numbers??

    A few weeks ago here on RDC there was a thread collecting class 1 number requests, is anything official, is this really happening?? I requested #108, but haven't heard anything after that? Or are we doing the traditional draw your number and change numbers every race? I'd like to know, so I can...
  6. LukeMcMillin83

    Class 10 Questions

    Seems that I can't post a thread in the class 10 section of the site? So i'll just post here... You can either yell at me here or direct me to an old thread about class 10 motors, but.... Why is it that the class 10 guys don't like the the Honda 2.4 that runs for around $11k, but a top of the...
  7. LukeMcMillin83

    The Baja 1000 story of Car #103

    Here's the Baja 1000 story of #103. Chris Olimon, my co rider and I started car #103, we took off the start line cautiously... and great, 2 turns into the race we pass #101 doing a driver change. That left 1 more class 1 car in front of us, ohh not to mention, it was JOHN HERDER in front of...
  8. LukeMcMillin83

    McMillin Homes 2012 Baja 500 VIDEO***

    Here's a video CACTUS FILMS made for our team from the 2012 Baja 500! This is TT23 and the Class 1. Both cars in the top 5 overall! Enjoy! \m/ Thanks to BFGoodrich Tires, Fox Racing Shocks, Baja Design Lights, and K&N Air Filters!
  9. LukeMcMillin83

    #104 Baja 500 Race Report/Story

    Love reading about other peoples races, so thought i'd give a play by play in car #104! Day started off rough! Crew uncovers car, goes to start it and "click" we have a dead battery, awesome, this is just how I wanted the day to start out :confused: NOT!! Get her started, get to the starting...
  10. LukeMcMillin83

    Class 10 Trans?

    Whats the latest and greatest trans set up with these new eco techs in class 10? Mendi, Fortin, Folts? 5 speed or 6 speed or ? What are most people running?
  11. LukeMcMillin83

    McMillin Racing 2012 San Felipe 250 VIDEO Here is our video from the San Felipe 250 by Cactus Films. Cactus did an awesome job like always! It is 15 minutes long but it is a combined video of TT23 and #113, enjoy. Chuck Hovey started the #23 truck and brought it to mile 125 (minute 7:48) where Dan takes...
  12. LukeMcMillin83

    Robby Gordon in a Geiser.

    Am I reading this right? Probably old info to the RDC addicted, but I was just checking out the Parker entry list and Robby Gordon is driver of record for 1537 the RPM Geiser, that is surprising! Rob Mac and RG both in Geisers, everyone better hope they have problems! Now all they're missing...
  13. LukeMcMillin83

    2011 BAJA 1000 McMillin Racing 1/2-1600 Luke McMillin/Justin Smith VIDEO! (very late)

    Well late is better than never! Sorry for the 2 MONTH delay! haha My friend Chris had the entire video cut and it would NOT upload, so we asked CACTUS FILMS to REDO the ENTIRE video! HUGE THANKS to CACTUS FILMS for putting this video together! THERE ARE TWO PARTS! This is incar and outside...
  14. LukeMcMillin83

    SNORE BAP 1600 cars! Bring them! 1/2 1600

    Alright, I know it is still a month and a half out, but 2012 SNORE BAP BRING YOUR 1600 CARS!!!!!!!! It is a great course, lots of money to be won, it's going to be good, if you have a 1600 car and contemplating what to race, this is it! The entry list is ALREADY building, get on the entry list...
  15. LukeMcMillin83

    RATR Photographer's, rollers before hot pits?

    Every year at both Laughlin races SCORE and SNORE there is a group of photographer's on the right turn after the second big roller before the hard right, before the hot pit's and I never see any of the pictures. Anyone have the shot's of us catching air off the second roller into the hard right...
  16. LukeMcMillin83

    2011 SCORE Laughlin entry fees??? What were they?

    Does anyone remember what the score laughlin entry fees were LAST YEAR, 2011? When we ran the shorter course. I'm just curious becuase this year we are using the longer course and the entry fee is 1800 dollars! 1790 to be exact, but just sounds kind of crazy, since we just raced the same...
  17. LukeMcMillin83

    Cass 1 race at RATR, WHO'S GOING TO WIN?

    Good class 1 race at SNORE Rage At The River. 4 of class 1's craziest drivers... who's going to win? Letner vs. Conlon vs. J.Daniel vs. Flores Letner - Alpha, Goodyear, King Conlon- Jimco, BFG, Fox J Daniel- Racer, Yokohama, Fox Flores- Bunderson, Good year, King I heard Letner will...
  18. LukeMcMillin83

    2011 SCORE Class Champions.

    Here is the official point's results for the 2011 SCORE season. Congrat's to Bryce on the overall. \m/
  19. LukeMcMillin83

    2011 SCORE Baja 1000 OFFICIAL MAP.

    There were a lot of questions about SCORE's "preliminary" map and how it would compare to the official map... Well it is here, the official map was released on SCORE's site. IT IS DIFFERENT FORM THE PRELIMINARY MAP BY 20 MILES! THE LINK TO THE MAP AND COURSE NOTES IS ON THE RIGHT...
  20. LukeMcMillin83

    2011 SCORE Baja 1000 Entry List

    WOW, haven't seen this big of an INITIAL Score entry list in a long time.... By the way NO JESSE JONES, but there is a number 14 Rick Geiser, is that another D.A. truck or is that Jesse Jones? OUR WHEEL VEHICLES: SCORE TROPHY TRUCK Jesse James 54 Gustavo Vildosola...