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  1. 5jeepsaz

    Baja Jeep Tornado 230 OHC?

    Not even qualified to read the posts on here, but love it. Thank you for the welcome! Chasing down history for a tribute engine build. I admit up front it is not popular, its just for fun, and ill advised. Engine is a Jeep Tornado 230 OHC. It ran the Baja, allegedly, in the 60s. Some say...
  2. 5jeepsaz

    Barn Finds, wherabouts, or i think i knows

    Thank you. Great to know it was seen in the wild! There may have been more than one engine. Ezpecially thank you so much for the detail you have provided. Great picture! Once I have gathered more details and more pictures, I hope to share with a knowlegeable person who can fill in the gaps...
  3. 5jeepsaz

    Original Water Boy trucks

    Thanks for this thread. Wondering if anyone has any info on a slightly older engine? Its in my earlier 64 J series Gladiator. Have an extra, want to try to buid a tribute. just trying for a parts list to tribute the Chuchua built one here: Any help appreciated.
  4. 5jeepsaz

    Herbie. 68 Jeep Cammando.

    World needs more like you! Thank you this great build, write up article, all the family history.
  5. 5jeepsaz

    Barn Finds, wherabouts, or i think i knows

    Loving this thread. Building some sort of rail that could do the baja, as built, back when. Now wondering if I'll luck into an actual vintage race driven vehicle. Some of the old ones on here are more than enough for trail running. AnywayI have an old engine, came as a twofer during a vintage...