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  1. trailready

    Lightest strongest wheel

    15x6 SXS
  2. trailready

    2021 SCORE Baja 400 Live Video, Weatherman, Tracking, Updates

    Did Andy Limp in on a flat or change it? I thought I ready they stopped to change it. does that mean they changed the tire in 90 seconds or so?!!
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    Dave Ashley

  4. trailready

    Lightest strongest wheel

    TR Beadlocks, 18 lbs, flowformed, not low pressure chinese casting. 1 year unlimited replacement warranty for racers. In stock now at TR or 928 Powersports in Ft Mohave
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    In case of emergency...

    I've been racing for 25 years and I just learned here that a helicopter needs my weight to launch? How the hell is that not required on the entry form?
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    Best Off-Road Race Livery

    My very biased opinion.
  7. trailready

    Best Off-Road Race Livery

    The Baja Penninsula Enduro Racing Livery has always been a favorite.
  8. trailready

    RDC Kangaroo Court

    I assume that was Score's suggestion for their own benefit. Similar to how they're trying to remove themselves from the Monster Girl accident.
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    Ear buds and Helmet Speakers?

    Impact showed me the way with ear muffs 6 years ago. It's the only way!! And this is mid engine with the motor right behind me.
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    2021 SCORE Baja 500 Live Video, Weatherman, Tracking, Updates

    Speeding in the pits is race control. Running over the corning of a tent after a spectator moved another tent is not. One is black and white and effects finishing order, while the other subjective and could effect the reputation of the sport in Mexico for years to come.
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    2021 SCORE Baja 500 Live Video, Weatherman, Tracking, Updates

    Why not use the model used by other racing orgs. Let the results stand as scored by the race control (timing, VCP, trackers, etc..) and the apply fines for "actions detrimental to the sport" separately. Monetary(due before or with next entry fee), dock championship points, sit driver or crew...
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    Pro Co driver for V2R

    If you don't think Kellon Walch can make a driver with a couple years experience faster, you've been riding by yourself too long!
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    Race prep shop in Vegas or Barstow area?

    G-out is good people!!!
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    My Opinion? Over regulating the race wont make it happier.
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    First of the big boys in EV to tackle the SF250!

    If you don't think EV's make noise and smoke, you might be looking at the wrong EV.
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    I will be there for sure. I'm with another DOR for 2021 but if he decides to wait, I'll bring another car and be there. Even with no organized dinners or parties we're likely to have an even better impact with the local small businesses that are open. I got this cool Factory Don A Vee Jeep...
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    If you love off road racing how are you not there?

    There is virtually NO rock crawling at KOH. This year there was the Lasernut Rock Coronation which was real rock crawling but every other race that happens in the rock trails can only be called a rock assault!! This years event was epic. Folks have said there was 25-50% less people there but...
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    Parker "425" @@PHOTOS@@

    Any of 2799 ?
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    Why not turbo?

    Not unlimited but There's several ecoboost trucks running now in 7200 aren't there? I rode with Randy Merritt on the 2010 Baja Ecoboost torture team and I thought that drivetrain was awesome for Baja.
  20. trailready

    Toyo Desert Challenge Presented by Monster at KOH 2021 - More classes and settling some grudge matches

    If you enjoy the outdoors, especially the desert, the offroad lifestyle and the smell of race fuel at 6AM, KOH isn't even offering anything expensive enough to give you buyers remorse, so go support the effort and have a great time!