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  1. DonSanders

    Where are all the hot Pre Runners

    How about a Chevy 6.0 LQ9 swapped Nissan Titan Prerunner with a long travel suspension? 2005 Nissan Titan Prerunner – Built for Fun Times in the Dunes -
  2. DonSanders

    Awesome render of the 2020 Silverado 2500HD Prerunner

    Yeah, the stock 2020 HD looks pretty ugly to me or perhaps it's just a first impression that will change after I'll see the truck in front of me, but this render looks pretty badass. Looks like proper wheels, suspension and KCs will make anything look cool. Thoughts? Found here: First-ever 2020...
  3. DonSanders

    Where are all the hot Pre Runners

    Stumbled upon this Sierra prerunner online. No info on the owner or the shop, but it looks pretty sick
  4. DonSanders

    On Topic 1975 Power Wagon Prerunner build

    Good luck with the project! I always loved powerwagons, glad that it gets some love
  5. DonSanders

    Ford ranger pre-runner

    Hey I was thinking that Ranger is the cheapest thing that you can start building a prerunner from, but in fact, there is no way you can use words "cheap" and "prerunner" in one sentence. If you want something with a good suspension travel, you have to take care about a proper suspension kit...
  6. DonSanders

    Bad Ass!

    Even though I am not a fan of this activity, but damn I'd the guy who calculated this jump is a genius.
  7. DonSanders

    Turns 60 last weekend, wins 1600 race this weekend

    What a remarkable milestone, you know, you have to do better in his age)
  8. DonSanders

    Hi I am new

    Whatsup everyone, just got an 03 F250 SC SB with a 5.4V8 (non diesel). Really love how the truck looks. I definitely want a mild travel suspension kit, llarge tires and wider fender flares on the front. I will be needing a help with a lift kit and some other stuff, so I will keep reading the forum)