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    Phoenix AZ recommendation for tin work?

    i need a recommendation for some tin work - need to get a firewall and fuel cell bulkhead done in our race car, there is no engine or anything just a bare chassis so its got space to work. please let me know if you know anyone good for this is my email addy thanks
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    Good spherical Bearings/Uniballs that are cheap + durable

    I need to make some A-Arms for a road race car. What brand spherical bearing do you guys recommend that is durable and cheap? The car doesnt see crazy loads or jumping-abuse obviously, but I am sick of crappy bearings that pound out the liners. i figured you guys are the ones who could help...
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    good quality removable door bar kit?

    Im looking to find a good quality solution for removable door bars, for a street car. I have searched quite abit and only came up with the crappy Competition Engineering junk anyone know of something nice? Thanks
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    which 2wd trans for 5VZFE toyota motor?

    I am putting a 5vz in my prerunner, and want to know what you guys recommend as far as trans goes? I was first debating, auto or manual. How durable is the stock auto trans? What is wiring like on it? Does the trans need the ecu or can it work by itself? Any idea what the older 2wd v6...
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    Toyota 3.4 swap wiring in a 3.0 truck

    i just had to get a daily driver (my other one got smashed by a drunk/uninsured ********) so i picked up a 94 4 runner with a bad 3.0 motor i found a 3.4 ill drop in this weekend, but does anyone know what the wiring differences are? I have a 99 harness and ecu, but i may try to get a 95.5...
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    A Arms in the Rear!

    why doesnt anyone ever put a arms in the back? All i see is 4 links 3 links or trailing arms. The only rear A arm truck ive seen was that one paris dakar KIA which was pretty clean, although i cant remember who built it. It just seems to me to be a REALLY simple and effective way to do...
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    I <3 K-58 in baja

    I just took my first trip to baja this past weekend, camped at k58 and surfed all weekend. I loved the RDC sticker on the door at the restuarant. I think ill be going there a lot more often i now understand why u guys like it down there so much. Aside from one guy getting his truck stolen...
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    off topic suspension fabrication question

    We are building the worst idea ever used in a drag race -- a FWD drag car. Last year the car went 8.8 @ 167 and now we are building a new chassis to the SFI 25.5 Spec. The question we are contending with currently is how to setup the rear suspension. We are using a 4 link system, traditional...
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    How to run a Howe box flipped backwards?

    Newline did it with a crazy machine 90 degree box that is 3500$ here i called them and he told me to contact d&amp;m performance, but im having trouble finding out contact info, any of you guys know their # or website?
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    a good viable alternative for 22Rs in yotas

    The 4 cyl 3RZ is a BAD ASS MOTOR.... as long as you get one from a 2000+ tacoma. A close friend of mine runs a 3rz in his drag car, with just pistons and rods (stock sleeves, no orings, no stepdeck, stock size head studs and stock bearings/crank) he made 800 ft lbs, 1400 hp and the motor takes...
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    Our A arm project so far

    It was supposed to be a center mounted a arm project that has turned into a complete revamping of the truck. It is due for school nov 17th, so we have been busting our asses to get the truck done. Its our first attempt at building a real truck, but geiser bros has helped us a lot so far, and...
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    A Arm questions for the pros... ahem FABRICATOR :)

    Myself and 3 other engineering students are designing centermount A-Arms for a prerunner toyota. The lowers are 24" long, the upper length is yet to be determined, and is not restricted by the frame rail as it is front halfed. That being said, we are using a program called Front Suspension...
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    who is a sway-a-way dealer?? I need some shock

    I need a set of honda civic shocks for a customer. I saw the SAW stuff and want to get a set. Thanks
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    turbo 22R (big turbo)

    some people have asked for pics of my turbo setup. These pics are kind of rough and in fact i haev actually just pulled the truck completely apart, but here are some pics anyway. The turbo pictured here is a t3/t4 with a 4" inlet t04s housing. The motor is a carb'd 22r converted to standalone...
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    how do arms like these not bumpsteer??

    my main question is what kind of rack is used?? Something like this and i woul dassume the arms are designed around the steering box, but what are you guys using for steering boxes and where do they come from, if someone sells them, please let me know. thanks...
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    anyone down for a J arms 101?

    I have been toying a lot with the idea of centermount arms. I know they arent necessary, i know simple setups work well with the right shocks, but centermount arms are sick. My roomate had his senior design project last semester so we did a 4link, and now on my project stating in august i...
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    Just finished standalone EFI conversion on 22R

    Going with the theme of lowbuck... We built our own standalone ECU for EFI based on the megasquirt EFI system, check it out at the thing is badass!! On only the basemap, it idles my giant 72 lb/hr MSD peak/hold injectors perfectly, and i havent tuned it...
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    getting rid of powersteering on a toy

    who has gotten rid of power steering, pulled the belt and plugged the box? Just curious how it feels, particularly with 33s on asphalt. thanks
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    my 4link project

    Details: 87 toyota extended cab longbed (same frame as an 89 extended cab rear axle from a 96 t100 4x4 with 4:30 gears 1 1/4-1" heims on the lowers 3/4" heims on the uppers lower links made from 2"X5" box with a 1.75x.120 tube on the bottom, 3/16" plate for shock mounts. 55" long. front mounts...
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    Which length springs..

    I got a set of springs on recommendation from Kartek for my 16" SAWs, the lwoer is an 18" and the upper a 14". We just put the truck together, and the rear is about 6 feet in the air, so its completely stinkbug, to an extreme. What length should be used, and anyone wanna trade <im now broke>...