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    Class 7 and it's many derivatives: past, present and future

    THE PAST: I really enjoyed this article, especially the vintage photos of Class 7 racers in the 1970s and 1980s, with trucks by Isuzu, Mitsubishi/Dodge, and Nissan as well as the more common Ford and Toyota. Which got me thinking...
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    Single seat buggies, why so few?

    Several classes, when you read the rules, allow either one or two seat buggies, but in watching the cars take off you never see single seat buggies? Does anyone use them? Is the lack of a co-driver such a disadvantage that there is no reason to go that route? Wouldn't the lower weight...
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    2019: Why are TT's faster than Class 1 buggies?

    They seem very close in capability and components. Both use purpose-built tube chassis, both use big V8s, aside from some cosmetic differences I guess it's the basic architecture of front engine / solid rear axle for the trucks, vs mid/rear engine and transaxle for the buggies. Why are the...
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    BITD Class 7300 - which truck?

    I'm thinking about building a truck for BITD racing class 7300 -- the new 'stone stock' class. As I read the rules you can run an production V6 up to 4300cc in the class. Very little modification of anything is allowed, beside the safety upgrades of course. So looking at late model pickups...
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    Are 2-strokes dead as winning dez racers?

    OK, we all know that 2-strokes rule in the fun department, and they make great woods bikes, and they are even excellent for desert trails, right? But what about their status as desert racers? Does anyone still compete on them in long distance desert races (like BITD or SCORE) anymore? Do...
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    Poll: What is a Truggy?

    This came up on another thread, so I thought I'd make a poll to sort it out.
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    Class 10 questions

    I notice that nearly all the Class 10 cars I've been able to find pictures of have retained the VW style of engine placement, that is behind the rear axle. What advantages, if any does this have? In pavement based cars only Porsche has held on to that particular engine placement, and...
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    Which bike for desert racing ?

    I'm looking at getting into desert racing. I'm trying to talk a few friends into doing a truck with me, but am also considering going with the bike. I'm 45 and have been riding my whole life, mostly trails and jumps, some desert here and there. What are people running in the desert...
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    Hello, my name is Woz

    I am registered on this board as DrZero. I have never raced motor vehicles in the desert, or much of anywhere else. My racing experience is on BMX bikes in the 1980s (when I was already in my late 20s and early 30s) and a bit on mountain bikes. I am a huge fan of dirtbikes, trucks and...