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  1. wheezy

    It's been real... Thank you!

    Well, I've had some damn good times here playing "wheezy" my online alter ego. Those that know me, know I'm not really much like a lot of the fun "conversations" I've had here on RDC. I've enjoyed every minute on here from the first day I logged on. From building my first car, to crashing it...
  2. wheezy

    Class 5 Coalition - 2016 Schedule and 2015 Championship Results

    Hey everybody, what a rad year for class 5. We had some bickering and whining, but overall it was a hugely successful year for the class. We had 30 cars participate in the C5C series this year and 20 that took the green flag at the last race. Stoked for sure! The 2015 Championship Results are...
  3. wheezy

    Blanchard grind some rotors TODAY?

    Anybody around that can blanchard grind some rotors TODAY? or Tomorrow? Stuck here and need some help. Thanks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. wheezy

    Class 5 Unlimited - RATR - Television Show Production (and more)

    Attention all class 5 unlimited drivers. The Class 5 Coalition, MAV TV, Lucas Oil and SNORE are producing a television show that will air on MAV TV. We will be filming the entire weekend at Rage At The River and producing a 1/2 hour show just for Class 5 Unlimited. Each Driver of Record will...
  5. wheezy

    Front Beam - Spindles and Bushing Grease

    So, curious who uses what and if there is a "why" I've been using Mobil 1 red stuff for YEARS with no issues - because I had a case of it that I got for free back in like 2008. However, I recently went out to my bins as I was starting to prep the car after quite a bit of down time and it seems...
  6. wheezy

    Class 5 Coalition Race Schedule - 2015 - VOTE NOW

    So, this year it's an open vote for anybody that raced Class 5 Unlimited in the past 2 years, OR anybody that plans to do a C5C race in 2015. The voting has begun. If you have any intentions of racing class 5 unlimited, you should consider checking it out and casting your vote. We've had two...
  7. wheezy

    Fortin FRS5L - whos got one?

    Just looking for some feedback on the Fortin FRS5L sequential 5spd gear box. Any issues? Rebuild cost? Only ever had a Mendeola 2D 4spd box and am considering replacing it with the Fortin. Pros / Cons? Strength? Running a modified EcoTec with about 250HP and 220tq. Thanks for your time!
  8. wheezy

    Sweet Raptor Bro

    This just happened.
  9. wheezy

    HDRA Laughlin / Moapa

    Can anybody shed some light on this yet? It was announced at the 500. We have a huge group of guys coming and trying to plan. Some were intending to run multiple classes in different heats. Details such as race format etc would be great.
  10. wheezy

    Seeking Kenwood KPG-43 Programming Cable

    Why are these cables so hard to find? If you can get me one, I'll gladly pay cash. So, I want to learn to program my own radio. I have a set of TK790H radios, I have an old laptop with a serial port and I have V2.02 of the software KPG-44D. I have found the "counterfeit" cables from...
  11. wheezy

    Where's all the photos from BAP?

    I know I'm being way impatient, but we are all into instant gratification! Usually there are at least a few to wet our appetities. I do realize how much work it is as I've shot a few races, so not trying to be pushy. FYI, 519B will be buying just about everything of our car as it was our...
  12. wheezy

    LGC4000 to HDS install help

    Hey guys, I know that the LGC4000 requires the $50 power source for use with and HDS unit. However, I'm still a bit confused on installation in regards to the T's and and Terminators. A PHOTO of proper hookup would be rad if you have one. Can I use a "Doulbe T" - Terminator at one end...
  13. wheezy

    Lost Wheel and Tire - Parker 425 / Stamped 3777 / General Grabber

    Hey guys, posting up for Berge Reyes Racing - they lost a wheel / tire in the python. Beadlock should be stamped with the race number 3777. Black rim (ATX I beleive) and a General Grabber. If you picked it up or know who did, we certainly would apprecite it. THANK YOU!
  14. wheezy

    VW Engine - Multiple Sending Units / Proper install

    Hey guys, I've got some dumb questions. I've always had a standard sending unit for pressure/dummy light in the engine block. I've also had an additional sending unit that was in my old oil cooler for temp. I no longer have the external cooler and am wondering if a simple threaded T will...
  15. wheezy

    Dead pedal storage box ideas?

    I need some dead pedal ideas. Something that could hold oil and or some tools behind it would be rad? Anything out there premade or photos of what you did. Thanks.
  16. wheezy

    Calling all 5 "B" cars - Battle At Primm 2013

    We've got what is looking to be a great turnout for SNORE Battle At Primm. \m/ 10 guys pre entered already with 6 weeks left until race day. (few still aren't listed on the SNORE site) I've also talked to a few others that puts it...
  17. wheezy

    Lowrance HDS 10m - Advice needed

    Looking at picking one of these up. Any input before I pull the trigger? Are they killer, do they suck, what's the deal????
  18. wheezy

    Where to dispose of old fuel drum?

    I have old VP race fuel drums. Where in the corona area can I dispose of them?
  19. wheezy

    2332 VW Engine 20-50 LUCAS Oil?

    Anybody run Lucas Oil in their VW racing engines? Considering running 20-50 Racing Only (High Zinc) in our 2332 which is 11:1 in a 2,300 lb car. I've read some older threads and Delo 15-40 seemed a common consensus back in 2009. What do you guys run? I get Lucas stuff heavily discounted...
  20. wheezy

    RACECO USA Teaser

    Some very cool stuff is coming soon!!! \m/ I recently took a trip to the new RACECO-USA shop to meet with Jamie Campbell about having some finish work done on a new car. We got to talking and I said I could help out with a few things marketing wise. I'm sure he hears that a lot, so I decided...