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  1. juanmoretime

    Ricky Johnson!

  2. juanmoretime

    lost a great one - Bruce Meyers
  3. juanmoretime

    Carlin Dunne

    killed at the Pikes Peak finish line, winner last years San Pedro Martir hillclimb, numerous SCORE events.....nice tribute over at the SCORE website. this guy was the real deal.....RIP
  4. juanmoretime

    no Jeremy?

    daughter and I were gonna head down to ensenada to watch mr supercross go round and round....but no Jeremy? after a poor showing last year is McGrath done?
  5. juanmoretime

    Bob Ballantine

    saw over on the district 37 site Bob has passed away, very little info favorite desert racer on the big KTM, wife had a huge crush on him! RIP Bob
  6. juanmoretime

    another ensenada race in september? (NORRA 500, 2019)

    NORRA is proposing a Norra 500 Rally early in september! Nace la Norra Ensenada 500 - El Vigía
  7. juanmoretime


    Redbull giving him a shot at the last 3 mx outdoor races......any thoughts?
  8. juanmoretime

    Justin Morgan

    hey did anyone notice this recent SF250 got zero mention over on Cycle news???didn't see anything over at enduro360!
  9. juanmoretime

    mechanic tijuana to ensenada

    by chance anyone know a good mechanic south of the border that would take on a head gasket 97' 4runner????gracias!
  10. juanmoretime

    Kendall Norman

    I see Kendall Norman's name on the 45x honda team! Is Kendall ready to go back to work?