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  1. JOSH

    1/2 Day Boat out of San Diego?

    I’m looking for a ½ or ¾ day boat out of San Diego for the 17th of March. Can anyone recommend a good boat that can accommodate 8 or 10 guys?
  2. JOSH

    R.I.P. Gary Porter

    My deepest condolences to the Porter Family God Speed Gary
  3. JOSH

    Erik's Home Building Project (ROUND 2)!

    Erik, i'd like to help you out on the Roof Truss' and Lumber, Have a great in with Hardi as well. Who did the Truss' and lumber on your first project?
  4. JOSH

    Primo Verdone and Broc Kelson RIP

    I don’t have the words, my deepest sympathy’s go out to Gary, The Kelson Family and Everyone else involved. Primo was a class act, and one of the nicest guys I have ever met. God Speed.
  5. JOSH

    Co-driver language for calling turns?

    There are more than a few ways to read pace notes, most common is a 1-5 scale on turns Some use 1-6, 5 or 6 being the fastest turn 1 being almost square, I call turns over 90 degrees “over square” and 180 degree turns “180” or “hairpin” As you get comfortable with your driver and car you can...
  6. JOSH

    Primm top tips

    Norman and company OA, as long as John can keep Jorge Jaggard from messing up his prep before race day
  7. JOSH

    Happy Birthday Jeff Quinn!

    Happy birthday Jeff!
  8. JOSH

    What happend to ??

    Last I heard Dan and Dave are still working on there Baja Champions Line, Both have hung up there fire suits.
  9. JOSH

    Best photos of the year!!

    I like the #57 in this one. Something about the lettering on the door....
  10. JOSH

    KINCAID'S TT video

    What do you say Tim, We can throw the Scat back in the Jimco….Are you in Gary??
  11. JOSH

    KINCAID'S TT video

    Thanks. Beau says you’re not invited to the party because you took his favorite website down. :)
  12. JOSH

    KINCAID'S TT video

    I say we have a 1557/57/1596/1572 Reunion. Where's Tim Rockenbach?
  13. JOSH

    need forklift in Palm Springs area

    Let me know if you have trouble, I may have a machine in the area.
  14. JOSH

    Erik's Shop Building Project

    Guys, Give me a shot at your Roof Trusses. We can get just about anything to work now days with prefabed trusses.
  15. JOSH

    Primm Travel Warning!!!!!!!

    And California has NO MONEY??? Yeah, doesn’t that piss you off? Your tax dollars @ work... It's almost as bad as the Sheriffs using the helicopter and two patrol cars to hassle me while I was dove hunting last night.
  16. JOSH

    ...official! V2r race thread...

    did anyone have the starting order?
  17. JOSH

    ...official! V2r race thread...

    Just check the select all button at the top
  18. JOSH

    ...official! V2r race thread...

  19. JOSH

    ...official! V2r race thread...

    Do you know which one? the Nye Frank chassis or the Riveria/Gordon truck?
  20. JOSH

    ...official! V2r race thread...

    Is Roger Norman in the single seater?