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    painted the race truck

    the truck looks good. what all did you do in the way of prep before painting? I would like some details because it looks great! -sanding? block sanding? what sand paper did you finish with? -Did you primer? -How much paint did it take to do the whole truck?
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    New Lowrance HDS GPS Units - Questions

    i was kind of wondering myself... but all GPSs use .LCM files, I don't see why they would change it away from the complete industry standard.
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    anyone having trouble with DR?

    not working over here either.
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    Light Force HID

    hmm. it's never bugged me whatsoever. Also, the combo filters focus the light way better in a horizontal plane so no light is wasted. anyway, if your happy now then good!:)
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    Light Force HID

    have you ever seen them at night, in person?
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    Lowrance 540 No fireroads, WTF?

    Mapcreate will add in all of this stuff. the 540 pretty much doesnt have any streets I thought...
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    Light Force HID

    I completely disagree... I would not make any judegments based on an overcompressed youtube video. It was also filmed with a digital camera which is no match for the range of exposure our eyes see. On any of the flood or combo filters you get the pattern on the lens is designed to focus all of...
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    Light Force HID

    The only complaint I've had in the past is dealing with customer service. But now that they have an office in the US, it's all good.
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    Light Force HID

    cheap lights? I think they are the most expensive. I have 2 and they have worked great. They have bullet proof filters that you can switch out for different beam patterns and such. They are badass. The combo filters are like half spot, half flood. I'm down with the lights fo sho
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    **Happy Birthday Steve Kurtyka**

    Happy birthday Steve!
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    mexico accidents reported to the US¨?

    Thank you for the responses guys, much appreciated. I got it settled this morning and all is well
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    mexico accidents reported to the US¨?

    quick question - are accidents in Mexico that we involve the insurance companies ever reported back to the US? we had a small accident between two of our group members in El Rosario and we want to check and see if we should report it to help pay for the damages. im typing this from the free...
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    Security for off road lights?

    that cool method won't work for my lights.... these are what I am using, I think vice grips with some form of rubber in the clamp part would still grip, but again they would have to be prepared for that. Better than nothing. i just have the...
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    Best value Non-Suspension seat

    and wow, I just looked at some of the Recaro seats and the cheapest one is $830! maybe if someone is selling some used ones I will snatch some up.
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    Best value Non-Suspension seat

    you're trying the FX1's from Corbeau? I have the Baja ultra SS suspension seats right now and im not a huge fan. It has an attractive price and good looks - but there is no lumbar built into the seat and i'm not sure if it would happen with any seat in my truck, but I take a good beating when...
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    Lowrance XOG

    I hope they release something like this in a bigger size. I've been looking for a good unit that can load race maps but still has turn by turn directions for street use. I'd prefer something like this but in like a 5 inch unit.
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    Baker Motorsports - New Website

    Im really sorry to hear that CEO, 13 inches?! thats 3 more than a stock replacement coilover on a Tacoma can do! (with new upper arms). I have a friend at Bakers SCHOOL right now and he is working on his own Ranger. We'll see how it turns out....
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    sound proofing a prerunner

    Also, there is other good information in the email response I received from him so here goes....
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    sound proofing a prerunner

    So I actually ended up emailing the guy that wrote the article listed above, the sound deadener show down article. He recommended that I try Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV) in my truck on the floor and 2 layers of a sound deadener everywhere else. I did the 1/8in thick MLV all on the floor of my truck...
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    Spraying fiberglass with bedliner??

    Soo..... this guy has some connection to lizard skin im guessing. I can't see it well enough, but it there a lizard painted on his damn truck?