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  1. JerryB

    RDC Kangaroo Court

    As there is much controversy which is discussed here on RDC revolving around racing incidents to include pre-running, penalties (or lack thereof), rule changes, inconsistent application of the rules, poor behavior at races, and opinions provided by the jury (and O.R.I.), this RDC Kangaroo Court...
  2. JerryB

    2021 Baja Nevada

    Legacy racing Baja Nevada just around the corner. Approximately 620 miles over 2 days, should be a blast. Some really cool areas to race through. Entry list looking pretty good, especially in 6100...21 trucks pre-entered.
  3. JerryB

    UTV Race Reports

    Just checking to see what the interest and response would be to posting UTV race results in a thread under the UTV section? All UTV racing, big and small, desert and short course doesn't matter, just needs to be UTV. If people think it's a good idea and are willing to contribute their stories we...
  4. JerryB

    Fortin UTV drive shaft sprag

    Fortin is making a sprag gear for the drive shaft on an X3, which allows the front wheels to coast under off throttle moments. I can see it assisting with brake bias like they claim on their website, and would presume it would take some of the wear and tear off the front diff under braking as...