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    How much travel really needed....

    Dealing with a scaled down trophy truck of sorts, how much travel is really "needed". I've been told that most of the travel in trophy trucks is within 1/3 of static ride height. Obviously airing out the truck is a different story but how often does that really happen. At what point does a...
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    Looking for a lightweight 4 or 6 cylinder, but...

    So I am looking for a 4 or 6 cylinder engine that has to have over 200 horsepower and must be able to bolt to a 700R4 trans. I am looking for light weight (something in the 200 pound range if possible). So what is out there?
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    Cam lock harnesses legal?

    I prefer the cam lock over the latch style but I'm wondering if they are legal for Score and BITD? Can anyone confirm for me? Thanks
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    If you had 18 inches of front travel to play with...

    What percentage of uptravel and down travel would you put it at and why? I've heard everything from 50/50 to 70/30 for more up travel than down travel capability. Thoughts?
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    4wd chevy spindle upright?

    Anyone make them or offer a cut out plate for the unitized hub to bolt to that I can build off of?
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    Verticle separation between upper and lower A-arms?

    I'm just getting into the a-arm suspension and other than leverage off the upright, is there an advantage to having a larger separation? Is there an ideal? I'm going to be running large tires (39x13.3R17) so there will be a lot of forces on the upright. I'll be running equal length a-arms top...
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    4wd knuckles?

    I'm looking to build an independent suspension on a 4wd buggy and would like to know if there is a factory knuckle or aftermarket knuckle to start with.
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    Seat recommendations for the extra tall?

    I'm 6'7" and have a 34 inch waist. Can anyone recommend a seat for the absurdly tall? I like my kirkey seats for rockcrawling, but I think I need something with more padding for the desert car project.
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    Straight connector for Antenna to cord?

    My GPS came with a T connector for the antenna cord to connect to the long cord that then goes into the back of the GPS. Do they make a straight connector? I don't have anything else that I am hooking in line and a straight connector would be much cleaner. Thanks
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    9" with bigger tubes?

    I'm wondering who has fabricated 9" housing center sections that take at least a 3.5 inch O.D. tube?
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    Mounting A arms horizontal versus at an angle

    I'm in the designing stages of an A-arm setup. I'm curious why I haven't seen A arms mounted at an angle so that the tires angle back on compression instead of straight up and down? Bumpsteer may be a bit of an issue with the suspension arc. Any thoughts?
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    Looking for a coilover boot.

    I'm looking for a "boot" that one end will fit snugly over the head of the coilover and then the other end will bolt to some sheet metal. In other words lets say you cut a hole in the wheel well for the coilover to pass through and now I want a boot to seal off the elements from getting inside...
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    AR500 to Vertex 3200 interface cable question.

    So I need to know how this wires up to interface the two together. Obviously the tail of the Y goes into the back of the intercom. and the longer head of the Y plugs into the front of the radio, but I'm wondering where the other jack goes? Is there a way to plug it into the back of the radio...
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    Mounting an antenna in an open top Jeep?

    Does the GPS and radio antenna need to be mounted on the top of the cage or can I mount it off the top of the wheel well in the back? Will the difference in height really matter? I figure if I put the top on I'll have to mount it outside anyway. With the top off will this be fine or will it...
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    Ideal belly height for the desert?

    Just curious what an ideal frame height would be for the desert at ride height and how much belly clearance is safe to have at full bump?
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    Anyone built a Pre 1988 Chevy Full Size

    I'm looking for pics, buildup options, and what glass sides I can use for converting. Who makes fenders and bedsides for these old pigs?
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    Full hydro for a desert car?

    We ran a 1450 truck out at the SNORE night race and it has the P.S. box where the pitman arm connects to a slider for an A-arm setup. The steering blows and I'm thinking about running full hydro with a double ended ram. Anyone running this setup for the desert car? Heating issues? Cavitation...
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    Who makes custom fuel cell bladders?

    I have limited space and am planning to build my own can to fit the tight confinments. So is there a company that will build a bladder to fit?
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    What amp fuse for Parker-Pumper?

    I don't see anything in the directions for what amp fuse I need to run to power the pumper.
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    Bulkhead fitting for speaker to intercom?

    I've got an AR500 intercom and I am wondering if there is a bulkhead fitting that would connect the helmet kit to the intercom, rather than just one long cord going from the helmet to the back of the intercom. It would be a lot nicer to plug the helmet unit into a bulkhead fitting when needed...