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    Baja 1000 pump gas

    All Mexican gas in Baja Norte comes from Port of Long Beach/Los Angeles. Gas for Baja Sur comes from the mainland. Why? The Pemex big wigs ran off with all the pesos meant for modernizing the refineries. Years ago they didn’t have low sulfur diesel in Baja Sur and many race teams chase vehicles...
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    Tell us your personal experience with the jab.

    Wifey and I drove up to the states back in May 2021 and got the Johnson & Johnson’s shot. I was fine but wifey was sick for a week. For me in February 3rd 2020 I went to a party in Lomas Del Mar Baja and there was a gal there who was sick, three days later five guys who were close to her at the...
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    Trx bilsteins….?

    The real question is?????? Did it ride as well as your Blazer????? Cheers Baja Charlie ( Joe Lane’s buddy)
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    Lightest strongest wheel

    Walker Evans Break open your piggy bank, you’ll need it Cheers Baja Charlie
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    Portable air compressor

    Extreme Air They’re Australian so there’s shipping Cheers Baja Charlie
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    New to me vehicle time.

    One other thing to add Are you familiar with IH8MUD forum? It’s a great forum for anything Toyota BC
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    New to me vehicle time.

    2004 through 2008 Lexus GX470 Same as a Land Cruiser, Prada, Forerunner with boxed frame, 4 wheel drive, built like a brick s house, tons of mods out there including Overlander do-dads. 300k reliability Sold my JK Rubicon and got the GX with leather seats. Great car for Baja for where I live...
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    June 10, 2020 Ensenada news

    Got up to the high eighties yesterday and in true fashion the local nut jobs started setting brush fires 🔥. Big fire north of Baja Country Club (quarry mountain) burned all night and still going today (noon) it’s fricken smokey for sure. The road is open going south with one temperature check...
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    Post your favorite photo from Baja!

    Beautiful day in Baja Looking out from deck at Bahia Todos Santos Sur 93 and sunny Cheers Baja Charlie
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    Post your favorite photo from Baja!

    Found these, Love this thread Joe Lane at San Fransquito in December 2009 on our Tecate to Cabo. Check out the legs!!!! Nope those aren’t tats, camo Under Armoir brrrrrr it was cold Second pic is Ricardo baking bread in the outdoor oven at Rice & Beans (San Ignacio) The next day he cooked a...
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    Post your favorite photo from Baja!

    It was a sinkhole. Winched out with my buddy’s RZR. We’ve had a lot of rain this year down here, lots of ruts and washouts
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    Post your favorite photo from Baja!

    Got out of the house yesterday for a day ride down the coast. 76 and sunny Cheers Baja Charlie
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    Post your favorite photo from Baja!

    Current picture from my house in Lomas Del Mar overlooking Bahía Todas Santos (south end of the bay) rain rain rain and wind. Down in the fifties today. This has been a really wet year down here (kind reminds me of 85). We’re in isolation mode here in Ensenada, but you can still get into Costco...
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    Post your favorite photo from Baja!

    LA Bay last year A good day fishing but the next day off La Guardia was insane
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    onX Offroad

    Does it work in Baja?
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    Post your favorite photo from Baja!

    2009 trip Tecate, California to Cabo Joe Lane and I did on our quads. No support vehicles , Just me and Joe, many many Lizard Lady two tracks on the trip. Other pics are LA Bay at sunrise and my brother’s old service truck we had down in San Fransquito to launch our boats in the bay. Retired...
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    Post your favorite photo from Baja!

    A view from my outdoor bar in Punta Banda Time for a cold one, not a Corona...... we’re in semi-lockdown here in Lomas Del Mar
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    Baja 500

    Just went thru the back road out of Mikes to the Simpson turn off. Not that bad but it gets a lot worse heading to El Coyote. Pick your lines carefully and you’ll be ok and think like an ole Jeeper and see the rocks as added ground clearance, not obstacles. Good luck
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    Vaya Con Dios Paul Clary

    Sad news, Paul Clary has passed away. Paul actively volunteered his time helping the Baja Fools in any capacity that was needed on race day in the pits. He loved the Baja, lived here in Punta Banda and rode many miles on his quad throughout the peninsula with his buddies. He was one of the...
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    Border Paperwork

    You will need a current registration for your trailer, your race car and your tow vehicle. Have all the paperwork ready when you’re crossing, not a bad idea to yellow highlight the VIN number, the license number and the registration expiration date. I live in Baja and I cross a lot with a...