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    Dust to Glory in Lancaster, ca

    just a FYI for anyone in the high desert. Dust to Glory is being shown at the Cinemark 22 Theaters it lancaster... Later Brandon
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    89 Nissan 2wd lift kits?

    anyone know if they make lift kits for a 1989 Nissan 2wd? links would be great..the trucks a beater and i cant deal with having small also do they make fiberglass for them as well? Thanks Brandon
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    1/2 1600 tech sites

    Im in the process of building a 2-1600 car and have been looking for some good sites with fourms and tech info on 1/2 1600' far i havent had alot of luck...please post links if ya have any. Thanks Brandon
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    Air bags instead of coilovers on a linked rear???

    does anyone have any ideas or seen this done before??how well does it work?? I saw this on the classifieds HERE and was thinking that might be a interesting idea for my truck. any thoughts and info would be great.. later Brandon
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    What would you pay for website hosting??

    First off I hope this post doesent piss John or Klaus off..if so please delete it Ive got a few of my own webservers and ive been thinking about setting up some low cost hosting for all the Dezert People to do things like host pictures and videos and of corse would include 250 megs...
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    Mazord Re-Construction

    Well I gutted the truck and decided to start over..Ive learned alot since i first built the truck 3 years ago and i figure i will put what i have learned to use..Here is the link to some of the starting cagework from today Todays Work any and all comments and sudjections are welcome.. Later...
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    Rules Question?

    In my Re-Do of my truck I am going to go with a rear mounted radiator...My question is regarding getting the coolant to the back of the truck..I was going to use 1.75 .120w for the tubing. What are the rules regarding running coolant lines/tube through the cab of the would run along...
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    Ranger Cad Drawing

    I was just wondering if anyone out there might have a cad drawing of a x-cab ranger?? I am learning cad and wanted to play around with a few cage designs Thanks Brandon 94 Ranger X-Cab 4x4 5.0 H.O. v-8 Pre-Runner/ Chase Truck
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    Rear Mounted Radiator

    Is there any issues or things I should be aware of when mounting a radiator in the rear of my truck?? Do I need a x-tra water pump or will the stock pump handle things ok...Basically im worried about the water circulating properly. Thanks in advance Brandon 94 Ranger X-Cab 4x4 5.0 H.O. v-8...
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    See ya all at Wide Wash =)

    Well Im heading out to barstow tomarrow afternoon..Good luck to all the racers and I hope everyone has a fun safe weekend. Later Brandon 94 Ranger X-Cab 4x4 5.0 H.O. v-8 Pre-Runner/ Chase Truck
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    Limiting Straps

    Does anyone know where I can get custom limiting straps fairly cheap?? they are for my sons lem 50 quad and I need to lower the ride height a bit... I need 9.25 inches Thanks Brandon 94 Ranger X-Cab 4x4 5.0 H.O. v-8 Pre-Runner/ Chase Truck
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    Toyota Tundra Question

    Well I just started a new job...Im now a Salesman at Sierra Toyota in Lancaster, CA and Im faced with a desicion(sp). Im thinking about a new Tundra x-tra cab. What I am wondering, is there any good suspention products for the new Tundras?? I have always worked with rangers and yota long travel...
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    1/2 1600 Tech Info??

    Does anyone know of a good place to get tech info for a 1/2 1600 car?? I have a 2 seat chenoth(sp?) frame and I want to build it for MDR 1/2 1600 class..Unfortnally most of my experience in off-road reoloves(sp?) around trucks and so far i havent really found alot of tech on the 1600 class. I...
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    What does everyone do for a living??

    Im a self-employed webdesigner and a system admin for a wireless internet service provider. Brandon 94 Ranger X-Cab 4x4 5.0 H.O. v-8 Pre-Runner/ Chase Truck
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    The SNORE Night Race

    Just wanted to say I had a great time and It was cool to finally meet some of you guys in person..Austin, Ryan and JC...Ill Defintally be seeing you all at the MDR night race Later Brandon 94 Ranger X-Cab 4x4 5.0 H.O. v-8 Pre-Runner/ Chase Truck
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    Barstow Night Race Next Weekend

    So who is going to the barstow night race next weekend?? I think im gonna get the Mazord out there this time for some fun..I think shes ready for a beatin. Brandon <A target="_blank"...
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    Where to mount Fuel Pump??

    well ive been puttin a 5.0 HO in my ranger ( carbed motor should pull about 250hp) and im now working on the fuel system that consists of a jaz 22gal fuel cell and a holly external fuel pump. now heres the question ...should I put the fuel pump in the back by the cell and have it push the fuel...
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    Pix of my truck

    Hi all, Just got my new digital camera and figured i would put up some pix of my truck. Hehehe had to post this one too =) Brandon (under construction) 94 Ranger X-Cab 4x4 4.0L Pre-Runner/ Chase Truck/ Future 7 Unlimited Race Truck
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    CoilOver Spring Rate Question..

    Well I just got my new coilovers on and the front feels a bit stiff. Unfortnally I cant drive the truck yet due to current transmission problems. any way I was wondering what spring rates and valving is good for a ranger 4x4 with the 4.0. The current specs are: 14in King PreRunner shocks valving is...
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    Coil Overs or By-Pass Shocks??

    I have a 94 Ranger 4x4 W/ The TTB and Custom Extended Radius arms. But my debate has been this...Do I go with dual rate Coilovers or do I go with a By-Pass Setup up front?? The Rear has 16'' King By-passes and Deaver Pre-Runner packs and pulls 18'' travel Thanks Brandon AKA Timberwlf 94 Ranger...