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  1. michael_loomis

    Dakar '15 - Live stream links

    Okay, I guess I will start it. Please help me share links as I'm sure many will be posted to the update threads and will be hard to locate.
  2. michael_loomis

    Top Speed Rule

    Did this rule get put into effect and how will it affect the speed difference between the Hummer and Mini's?
  3. michael_loomis

    2012 Rental Car Rally LA vs SF

    Well its that time again... The Underground is departing this evening for the '12 West Coast edition of the rally. We are starting in LA (like, deep, ghetto, East LA) and finishing in a town called Lakeshore, that looks like its in between Fresno and Tahoe on the map. Specifically, the China...
  4. michael_loomis

    Max Payne 3

    Anyone looking at this? Looks pretty damned good!
  5. michael_loomis

    NASA Time Lapse

    Pretty cool footage! Crazy how big those electrical storms really are!
  6. michael_loomis

    Most users online...

    Whats up with that?? I wanted to see how many showed for Dakar this year.. haha "Most users ever online was 10,912, September 2nd, 2011 at 08:59."
  7. michael_loomis


    So RG is racing this one? Hopefully he can kick some ass... Also, I present to you, the hottest driver in NASCAR.
  8. michael_loomis

    2011 Bullrun

    Don't know if you guys have any friends doing this, but it is the real deal version of cannonball run. Trying to find some info other than the tweets I've seen, but my boys Team Wu say that RG was pulled over twice today. I saw that he is running the hummer as a Jeep #77, and a 2012...
  9. michael_loomis


    Dang... its kinda crazy to see Terrible Herbst on the side of RG's car!
  10. michael_loomis

    Best cheap 3 channel 2.4 surface radio?

    title says it all... just a replacement for my junk slash radio, but I want an extra channel for something cool. (I'd really like a 4 channel.. but way too pricey) I'm thinking an MX-3. Any thoughts?
  11. michael_loomis


    Haha... it's kind of ironic... I'm leaving for Texas today... (but I sure as heck am not going to neckcar) Only a few races left, and a decent battle for the title... and STILL, nobody gives a sheet about this race lol Personally, I think everyone is holding there breath, hoping someone...
  12. michael_loomis

    Talladega II on Halloween

    Here it is folks.... You couldn't write a spookier script than this for Halloween!! (well, for us chasers anyways lol) Someone is going to get treats and others tricks after this weekends race is completed. CT... Cherish your lead buddy!! Cause it won't be there come candy sack time!!
  13. michael_loomis

    The Glen

    Dang... no love for Watkins Glen either?? lol RG's second to last chance for a W? Will RG even be there this week?
  14. michael_loomis

    The Brickyard

    I know, its a week away still, but there is something special about this race. One of the few NASCAR left turn only races I would like to see in person. Can RG pull off a top 25?
  15. michael_loomis

    Coke 400

    Hmm... always a scary one for us Fantasy guys... Thoughts? RGM Top 10?
  16. michael_loomis

    New Hampshire

    well... looks like Robby's not so bad at this NASCAR stuff after all, eh? Labonte 45th and dead last in first practice. As usual, RG's setup seems to work for him and nobody else. I hope that BL gets the team some great input, and the good news is that there is nowhere else to go but up.
  17. michael_loomis


    ohhhh one of my favs... PLATE RACING! So is this the first plate race with the spoiler on the COT?? What to expect? less packs and a more drawn out field? or one big wreck? RG wins by being the only car still running?
  18. michael_loomis

    Is the world coming to an end?

    Maybe all these Mayan calender supporters are correct? Is planet alignment already beginning to pull the Earth apart? All these major earthquakes, now a volcanoe in Iceland grounding a lot of Europe.... hmmmmm.... Fly.. remember what I said... I reserve 2 spots!!
  19. michael_loomis

    2011 Delta Wing Indycar

    Sorry... I couldn't help myself!
  20. michael_loomis


    Anyone play it? Heard of it? Like it more if was about guns and mexicans??