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    Does this mean...

    That they have scammed enough Gov't money and no longer need to build it to remain rich?
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    Question about a Prerunner

    Way back in the early days of the 2nd incarnation of the SCORE Laughlin races, with the 13-17 mile loops, I believe there was an OBD Ford F150 Supercab prerunner that I think was one of the first linked street legal prerunners built. I remember watching that thing take the Laughlin Leap many...
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    Save the Desert- Kill Humans!

    Same with her view on forests I would think. And her husband's theory about forest fires was applied on the Angeles Forest under Obama- Let them burn!
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    Not really endangered. These folks are being persecuted because they want to build a home on property they own, but the environazis and the Marxist/Socialist cabal have whored out the ESA to take control of people's private property. And Joshua...