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    Inclusive list of race results?

    Any have a partial list of race results from any/all racing org.? Simple excel type list that could be re sorted according to driver, builder, race or org. is the end result I'm hoping to create. Any type of lists anyone have?

    Herbst/Smith fab SPEC TT/6100

    This is an all new truck being built for a customer of the Herbst, This will be using a Toyota engine. Fabrication is being done by John Tondro (JT) and Jason Montes, most of the shop pics I've stolen from them. Fairly simple and straightforward typical truck.

    Full Potential TT

    Here's some semi final drawing if the Full Potential TT. Truck was built for Scott Schovasa and should be racing Parker. He preran Parker with it already, needs body & piano now.


    Any one use Catia ? I have a file I need converted into a parasolid. My solid edge wont convert it.

    1/5 scale tt

    Here's the beginning of my TRUE 1/5 scale truck. So far tires & wheels are HPI 5T stuff, and shocks are the longer 5T ones. Same shock for front & rear.

    ******* MDR Memorial********

    I have this awesome memorial sitting in my shop that was built to remember the lives of those lost. It's coming up on the anniversary of this tragic accident and I know many people are planning on going out to Lucerne for this. I'm ashamed to say I've had it sitting here in my shop covered...

    <--TMR 10 Car-->

    With RDC having posted up the feature--> I figured it was my turn to post pics ! First I got to Commend Jason & his guys on a great build of the car. Second for the chance to race the 1000 with him on it's maiden race...

    7.3 diesel mechanic

    My truck needs a couple injectors. (Acted like this some time a year ago and replaced 2 or 3) basically it runs like crap when cold but once warmed up it's fine. you can actually feel it when it makes this change if hard on the pedal, it's like you put a plugwire on a sparkplug. Guy I used to...

    --Lucas race photos--

    Post up your pics! Ken where you at?

    --North American T.T.--

    Here's the latest shots of an ongoing build at Tony Vanillo's shop. Geometry is identical to the #71 Trophy Truck of Rick Johnson, which Tony also built. Basically revision 2 of a winning design.

    -MY design style-

    So here's some various pics of different arms I've drawn for customers using their dimensions but MY style. There are 100's of ways of making the exact same part using your own style & approach.. (Jimco, Alumicraft, Desert Dynamics,Full Potential, Royalty, The fab School, Wicked sand toys, HMS...

    Full Potential-shop open for Elsinore racers

    Posting this for Jeff & Tom @ Full Potential Full Potential will have their doors open to all racers looking for any last minute help or use of a shop for repairs. They have the usual tube, tabs, sheetmetal (alum & steel) as well as large leaf brakes. Mig, Tig, duct tape and probably bailing...

    Lake Elsinore race !

    Should be an awesome weekend..

    Unistalling a program WTF ??

    So I had a program originally installed from a CD. Did the usual unistall but apparantly it didn't delete it all. Windows installer will pop up & try to reinstall the program and then ask for the CD. When I go to "add/ remove" program it's listed but not a tab to unistall it, just info about or...

    " Acceptable" bump steer

    So we won't go off topic anymore... For those of us that use a computer to layout a suspension..I'll define all of the control arm length and let the tierod be driven off of the steering arm itself. this is a very easy way to see the lenght change as you cycle the suspension. It should be...

    KROQ ,CORR & Mcgrath

    I hadn't seen this posted yet.. Mcgrath giving the guys at KROQ a ride...KROQ

    Mazzulla's new frontend

    1st stage of a project for the expo.

    Sneak peak HMS Red Bull car...

    Here's a shot from the SGIA show ( specialty printing & imaging expo) in vegas this week. Without a doubt has to be the best looking display at the show !

    AN fitting specs.

    Any body seen a chart that has AN fitting sizes\dim. Looking for thread sizes,nut sizes, lengths and corresponding hose end nut sizes. Really trying to find cad files-I tried a few cad model sites to find a similiar part to download but no luck...

    Note from Damen

    "First off I would like to thank everyone for their concerns on my well being. I felt like Ferris Bueller for a minute! I am back at home, beat up but not broken. Some heavy bruising & a beat up kidney on my left side. Should be good to go in about a week. Unfortunately we will have to miss San...