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  1. shrek

    Sneak Peek--Adrian Cenni's New PRO-4

    Got to catch a glimpse of the new Dave Clark/Jimmy Davidson built PRO-4 before it headed off to Vegas today for the race. Pretty sweet ride. Shrek
  2. shrek

    Any RDC'ers do Drywall?

    Any drywallers? Need to get a quote to mud and tape a bedroom. Drywall is being put in now. Shrek
  3. shrek

    Parker for Memorial?

    Any RDC peeps going to Parker for this coming weekend? My countdown clock has started, and I cant wait for the start of the river season........Leaving the 909 as early as I can get everyones arses out..........East bound and down, loaded up and trucking...... Shrek
  4. shrek

    Question for Quad Racers

    How do you guys deal with a flat on a quad? Do you carry tubes and CO2 like a bike? Slime? ????? Thanks, Shrek
  5. shrek

    Testing the Boundaries of Whatever.....

    Here is a different question for the Whatever section........but a serious question..... Where is that special Romantic place in SoCal that you have taken your wife/girlfriend for a weekend getaway right before you hand her the next years race schedule? Before you reply with kitchen...
  6. shrek

    Custom Cabinets?

    Anyone in the RDC Family do custom cabinets? I dont need anything crazy, just a counter/cabinet made for my showroom at work. Shrek
  7. shrek

    Please Keep A Lookout For This Boat

    30+ foot Fountain. Primarily white in color with red and black "FOUNTAIN" on the side. Possibly black and white checkers on rear part. Involved in a fatal crash up from Havasu 08-09-07 Last seen heading south from the Havasu area. Possibly spotted near Cattail Cove. If anyone knows this...
  8. shrek

    Bonita High School Closed Today--FYI

    Friday Classes Canceled At Bonita High School Due To Threat Unspecified Threat Causes Concern, Police Say POSTED: 12:05 am PDT April 20, 2007 UPDATED: 7:12 am PDT April 20, 2007 Email This Story | Print This Story Sign Up for Breaking News Alerts LA VERNE, Calif. -- Bonita High...
  9. shrek

    Adelanto Grand Prix?

    Is there going to be an Adelanto Grand Prix in 2007? I cant find any information on it, if there is...... Thanks, Shrek
  10. shrek

    Robin/EZGO Expert

    Are there any Robin Golf Cart Engine Experts out there??? I have an EZ-GO golf cart that needs some TLC..........It runs, but not well, and I need someone who really knows these engines/carts. Thanks, Shrek
  11. shrek


    Will I be cool towing my trailer into Pismo with a 2WD truck? Has anyone here camped at Pismo before? Suggestions/thoughts? I am going at the end of this month, and have never taken the trailer out there........ Thanks, Shrek
  12. shrek

    Parker for Memorial Day?

    Any RDC'ers going to be in Parker this coming weekend?? I am leaving tomorrow morning, and I cant wait!!!! We will be in the Keys........ Shrek
  13. shrek

    TT250 Pit Two Video

    Did anyone catch us (F-150 #8107) coming through Pit Two, on video?? I have been told by several that it was quite impressive..........I was in the truck, and from the time we entered that long sweeper, until the next turn, Dave foot was mashed to the floor....... Apparently our Stock Full...
  14. shrek

    Newest Desert Racer to Enter our World!!

    Parker Alan Svatos was born today, February 11th, 2006!!! 8lbs, 4oz..................Healthy and Happy............Here is a pic of him and a proud RDC flying Father............The happiest day of my life..........
  15. shrek

    Jason Baldwin Services........

    From IN MEMORY OF JASON BALDWIN November 24, 2005 In Memory Jason Baldwin was a tremendous person, a fierce competitor, and a great representative of our sport. He was a true champion and he did indeed enjoy desert racing. As a two-time SCORE class...
  16. shrek

    Glamis Haloween Weekend???

    Anyone heading out today or tonight to Glamis for the Weekend??? We are leaving around 3pm today.......... Staying at Wash 6, if any RDC'ers want to stop buy for a cold one..........Look for the United Rentals truck, the 30' Gearbox, and some big ugly guy that looks like...
  17. shrek

    V2R And Off Road Expo???

    Did anyone realize that the Expo and Vegas to Reno are on the same weekend?!? Looks like I am going to miss my first Expo.............thats a bummer..... Shrek
  18. shrek

    Does NEXTEL have service in Pahrump?

    Anyone know if my/our Nextel's are going to work in Pahrump?? I have been to this race a bunch, but I just dont remember......... Shrek
  19. shrek

    Dust to Glory on Friday!!

    I bought my tickets today...............12:30 afternoon show. Anyone else going that wants to meet for lunch somewhere? Shrek
  20. shrek

    Dave Turner Motorsports Wins SF in 2004 F-150

    More to come later, but we finally did it!! Finished our first race in the new 2004 F-150 Stock Full, and we WON!!! In San Felipe, none the less.................... We are crossing back across the border now......... Thanks to everyone!!! Shrek