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  1. bomber

    Mojave Trail mailbox, gnomes and frogs shrines to be removed...

    Signed the petition! Thanks for the link Curtis.
  2. bomber

    'Fastest Woman On Four Wheels' Jessi Combs Killed In Jet-Car Crash

    Correct link to The Finish Line thread: Jessi Combs
  3. bomber

    'Fastest Woman On Four Wheels' Jessi Combs Killed In Jet-Car Crash

    Very sorry to learn of her passing. She lived life to the fullest while she was here.
  4. bomber

    Camburg Racing 2019 General Tire Vegas to Reno by Fox Race video

    Pole in qualifying backed by a dominate win, great accomplishment. And an awesome video to capture it all. Congrats!
  5. bomber

    On Topic Best Prerunner kit for a 2014 GMC Sierra 1500

    Or spend less on wheels and tires? Or adjust budget? Or use DirtKing's financing option? Or go with packages DK-635908-B + DK-631948 and adjust usage to the lower travel? There are other component upgrades you can look into as well that increase performance still, but will allow for less speed...
  6. bomber

    On Topic Best Prerunner kit for a 2014 GMC Sierra 1500

    DirtKing front end - $5K Long Travel Race Kit | DK-631909
  7. bomber

    2018 51st SCORE Baja 1000 Race Week Thread - Map, live video, tracking, updates, discussion, etc.

    Thanks for the coverage guys! All of us stuck behind keyboards appreciate it. Everyone be safe and have a blast down there.
  8. bomber

    On Topic Pistol Pete / History Channel

    Great job on the show. The dez-Exploder was so far my favorite rig and was cool to see it do well while outta its element. Wish she could've finished the course, but it's a gnarly one and makes it an accomplishment in itself just to get to the end! Hope the show continues to get renewed and it...
  9. bomber

    Rest In Peace Chad Ragland

    Gosh, was just wondering about how he was doing the other day. So sad to read this, was a good guy. I was very inspired by his Raptor trip to Telluride with Gary. It's why I looked for smaller scale versions of overlanding trips and found and lead a group on Mojave Road. I'll always appreciate...
  10. bomber

    TT vs Bike

    Are there visual indicators on the stella for request to pass alerts? Could be orange blinking light. Even though my moto helmet didn't hardly muffle sound, the wind noise wouldn't let me hear much. It was really a problem when I first started racing trucks with it and I couldn't hear horns from...
  11. bomber

    Dust 2 Glory II

    How does it compare to the first film?
  12. bomber

    Prerunner Silverado ss?

    That price isn't significantly different than most 18" a-arm kits and if anything is on the lower cost end, sooooo the "reason" would be nearly universal for whichever truck he went with (anything truly long travel = not cheap). Thanks for the link to the other thread, but kinda irrelevant to...
  13. bomber

    Prerunner Silverado ss?

    Super helpful insight there Curm...:rolleyes: Jakob, just did a quick Google search and found a thread with some useful info regarding the difference in suspension between the SS's and, in this case, the Z71 Silverados. Being that it's torsion bar, a prerunner setup will most likely require...
  14. bomber

    2017 FORD Raptor

    Mossy Ford in Pacific Beach has a couple parked out front and apparently 1 more on site, all mid $80K range.
  15. bomber

    The New Chevy ZR2 is the latest challenger to the FORD Raptor crown!

    Darn, was actually rooting for this truck, but the sticker shock is going to kill it unfortunately. If it was $41K for the most loaded crew cab, that'd be decent, but starting that high is probably going to keep a lot of people away from it. Never know though, I guess we'll see. Edit: Forgot...
  16. bomber

    Baja 1000 race day thread

    I think you're right. ;) I actually thought that after I wrote, but couldn't come back to the keyboard to edit. Thanks for the correction.
  17. bomber

    Baja 1000 race day thread

    I've always respected that he builds and innovates his own vehicles...but look at the season he had driving Clyde's Geiser truggy. Speaks for itself really. Tho the RPM prep prob helped too.
  18. bomber

    Bronco prerunners

    Did you/this Blazer head down the I-5 yesterday evening? I passed a white Blazer that was fully built (trailing arms, cage, etc.) that was on a trailer and had two class 1 chase stickers on the bottom corners of the back window. I believe they were 138 and 16*, can't remember.
  19. bomber

    Bronco prerunners

    Looks to be a very well done Expedition Raptor conversion. Highly impressed with the door to quarter panel transition.
  20. bomber

    A Few Clips From Baja 1000 Time Trials in Las Vegas

    Nice save by Pete! Even kept up decent momentum after getting it settled.