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  1. banshechick22

    Referral for quad shop in San Diego?

    Hi all- I've got a Banshee that blew up 5 years ago and has been collecting dust. I don't know of any reputable and quick shops in SD to take it to. There are missing and broken parts to be replaced and I want some extra fun stuff done to the engine again. I'd rather not pick a name from the...
  2. banshechick22

    Trick or Treating

    Where is the best place to take your kids Trick or Treating in the San Diego area? I'm new to the area and don't know all the secrets. Thanks!
  3. banshechick22

    Good at Photoshop or something similar???

    Ok guys...I need your help. I have a pic of a car that I want to add the logo of a potential sponsor onto. I've tried to photoshop it...but I just can't get it to look good, natural like I guess. Can anyone out there help me??? Or send me to someone?? I appreciate your help, and time is of...
  4. banshechick22

    New Email Scam

    I got this over the weekend. I've gotten many before, but this is supposedly from a marine...sad that its come to this. Dear Friend, Good day and compliments,I am Capt Michael Hagee, a US Marine, serving in the 3rd Battalion, 25th Marine Regiment Anbar province, Iraq. I am presently...
  5. banshechick22

    SNORE Caliente 250 - kids goodies

    Hi all! I know all of you don't race with SNORE, but as this is for a great cause I decided to post on here. This is a letter GlamisGurlie sent out to a few people and vendors she knew and felt comfortable sending to. If you want to help, please PM her. "Hi everyone! I try not to ask you...
  6. banshechick22

    Hi my name is Kim

    I've been goin to the dunes for about 18 years now. About 3 years ago my mom got a wild hair and decided to work a check point for a desert race for the first time--not having any idea what we were in for. Now we're both hooked! Hope to see ya out there!!!!