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    Best in the Desert New Mandatory Fueling Rules for Parker - Please Don't Panic :)

    GG can you clarify a couple things for me. What exactly is a "break-a-way feature" on the hose? Our towers have a spring loaded dead man valve attached directly to the tower. From there cam and groove couplings attach the hose. From the hose to the double red head is another cam and groove...
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    Missing / overdue / lost hunter. My Predator Club has asked me to help..

    Have you posted on ? *** Nevermind. Its on there ***
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    149 SAM BERRI vs 1456 Brandon "AMATEUR HOUR" Aurther

    I just remembered why I dont come on this website anymore.
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    new GEISER class 6/7200 just changed the class.......

    Im going to put a body on my scat v4 alumicraft and really give you guys something to whine about! The Geiser truck made the weight. Im sure if they spent a few days on it they could lighten it up even more. It would weigh 3990 if they got rid of the fuel vent check valve and used the...
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    Congrats Mcmillin/Hovey!

    Nice Job Dano and Chuck! Congrats on the win.
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    RDC Videos from San Felipe Challenge Of Champions

    Very cool Videos Fish!
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    Jesse Ashcraft Roll Over SF: COC 2011

    Cameron is Family to us. Although I think he would have done that for anybody. It goes to show what a great friend and person that he really is.
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    Who has NEVER rolled over?

    This was my Brother Jesse's first time rolling. I have been over a few times in 1600 and class 12. My Dad had a pretty insane crash at the old riverside races in a challenger car. My wife has been over a couple times in our 1600. It's racing. Crashes will happen.
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    Jesse Ashcraft Roll Over SF: COC 2011

    Thanks Dan. Ya a few factors involved here. Basically just hit the turn too fast. The truck bit down and over they went. Rolls happen. I've rolled multiple times, our Dad has rolled, my wife has rolled multiple times, and now my brother has. One common factor in all of our incidents is we all...
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    Jesse Ashcraft Roll Over SF: COC 2011

    Tough Day for us. Driver and Codriver are Fine. Yes we were running for 3rd place when this happend. I ran the firlst 108 miles. Handed the truck off in 3rd. Jesse was making great time. He had a flat in matomi so he was trying to make that time up. Our team has an incredible will to...
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    Vegas to Reno

    What!? Get that TT together and lets go Race! I got a Trans for it. Take that AGM Motor and we can roost all the way to Reno!
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    Baja 500 results ??

    It was not an intentional or planned pit. Their pitcrew was not there waiting for them. Thats just where the truck stopped moving forward on the race course. This happend to be directly infront of my Pitcrew. Our guys did exactly what we instructed them to do. That is help anybody even...
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    B500...OJOS NEGROS ROLLERS.... open for business.. jump contest **VIDEO**

    Robbie, I'm just hijacking it from my brother Jesse. Doing a little inner family dart throwing. Haha.
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    B500...OJOS NEGROS ROLLERS.... open for business.. jump contest **VIDEO**

    I'm going to jump in and take credit for the 3rd place with pierce. Haha. Not bad for less than a 150 miles of race expirence in the #78
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    Baja 500 New Summit Notes

    I was the first vehicle down the summit today. We got there as the tractor was heading to the uphill to do some more grading. All I have to say is that was the craziest down hill I have ever done. I was frightened to say the least. The slope is so great you literally slide down inch by inch...
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    B&R Buggie

    B&R Has supported our racing efforts from the very begining. Top Notch people. Congrats on the Website guys.
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    Our loss of Jeff

    Love Ya Cam. Be safe brother. XOXOXO
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    28 Alan Pflueger

    Adam, We already had a badass Pit crew before Alan took a break. We only had 4 guys from Alan's Crew helping us out. They were 4 heavy hitters though and a great group of guys. The 20 guys that have always supported us will be there getting ** ¡Ay, caramba!**** ¡Ay, caramba!**** ¡Ay...
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    Aschcraft Broke My GoPro!!

    Hey Sack it up Bill! That was only a 6 of 8 cylinders roost. lol Thanks Deano. We had some prep issues that led to some major down time. We are determined to finish every race we enter. One of these races it will all come together.
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    Aschcraft Broke My GoPro!!

    Sorry about that! You can have the one I left on the course if you can find it. haha!