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  1. AllwaysRcn

    Parent response to daughter's FB rant

    Dad Who Shot Up Daughter’s Laptop with a .45 Says Cops Paid Him a Visit
  2. AllwaysRcn

    Parker Midway pits.

    Last year they were checking pit passes on Friday night when we pulled in.
  3. AllwaysRcn

    Can 5-U car finish top 5 in Class 1 at Baja 500?

    Hardesty entered class 1 a few years ago with his type one air cooled 10 car. I believe he was a rear start in class one and finished 3rd in class (maybe O/A?)
  4. AllwaysRcn

    Parker 425 Lost & Found

    Lost a tire/wheel off toybox somewhere along the dirt road going into midway pit friday night. Easy to identify. It still has the brake drum bolted to it. The electric brake magnet, along with the bearing and nut shouldn't be to far from
  5. AllwaysRcn

    Worst racing roll over. Seen it, or in it?

    I believe that was '97 or '98. I remember seeing the aftermath on a trailer at Papaguyo's
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    B1K Draw Results

    Where's Dax in Class 1 ??
  7. AllwaysRcn

    Primm Live Coverage

    Car#120 doing 1020
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    Blitz F100

    The Savage body will not tuck the tires in on your blitz. The only bodies that will, are the 1/10th "Short Course" bodies.
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    Autoart Ivan Stewart TT - WTB?

    I bought that one (older v6 version) on ebay a few years ago. Paid $190 for it and when it arrived, the right front control arms were broken off and the wheel was hangin. Damaged in shipping. I was soo bummed. I ended up sending it back to the seller for a full refund. If I hadn't paid so much...
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    ***Barona Dragstrip VIDEO***

    Nice! Good thing it wasn't eliminations. The Nova got "tree'd"
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    The List!!!

    I thought that was Jeff Dickerson. I guess they're all neighbors though.....
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    Episode 8 mastercarft San Felipe 250
  13. AllwaysRcn

    Thanks Bill....

    Thanks Bill....
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    Blindsided?,,20352642,00.html Jesse James Apologizes to Sandra Bullock and His Children Jesse James has broken his silence. Facing allegations of infidelity, James issued an apology Thursday to his wife Sandra Bullock and his three children, taking full...
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    Another New Crew Chief For Robby Gordon? Another New Crew Chief For Robby Gordon? Written by Journo on Mar 15th, 2010 Just less than a month after NASCAR veteran Larry Carter joined Robby Gordon Motorsports as a “consultant” we are hearing he...
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    Happy Birthday to the one and only...

    Superman wears Chuck Norris pajamas........
  17. AllwaysRcn

    Happy Birthday to the one and only...

    Superman wears Chuck Norris pajamas.........
  18. AllwaysRcn

    ***Steven Eugenio: Testing for B@P***

    Looks like Campo to me............just a guess!