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  1. LukeHuff

    Big Duke Racing

    Hey everyone, this is my friend's racing page on facebook. I'm just spreading the word about him. Him and his team and family are awesome and really nice. Show him some love by joining his page on facebook! It takes 7 seconds to join at most and it is greatly appreciated. He is 4th in points...
  2. LukeHuff

    Homemade go kart

    This is me on my neighbors home made go kart, he moved away last year =[ but still super fun. pretty trick karts too. Check it out!
  3. LukeHuff

    This is my idea

    It may sound a little far fetched but we all know it would be cool! So anyways I love watching short course events, doesnt matter which one or series i just love them. I've been watching and racing the sameeeee tracks. Jump turn straight, wide turn, jump, straight, jump, turn. Not that this...
  4. LukeHuff

    Anyone seen this?

    Friend showed it to me What do you guys think?
  5. LukeHuff

    Here's me in...

    Sprint car school. 2nd time in the car. Its a midget. Really fun definetely helps for all the sliding in short course. <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param...
  6. LukeHuff

    Just got...

    One of those new 1/16 traxxas slashes with the VLX brushless in it!! My team got some from Traxxas and man it rips!! I painted the wheels ( black with a blue beadlock ring and blue "hubs" aka the screws). I recommend one of these bad boys. Its small so it doesnt take up much space in my room and...
  7. LukeHuff

    Do you like this?

  8. LukeHuff

    Better late than never-- Mitchell Dejong TK Interview TORC Rounds 3-4

    Found this interview with Mitchell and his dad Vince. Pretty cool I thought, nice to see an interview segment go to the trophy kart drivers. Great job on the interview Mitch and Vince! YouTube - Mitchell DeJong Interview - Torc Series Round 3-4
  9. LukeHuff

    Speed Technologies

    What is Speed Technologies? Does John Harrah own Harrah's casino in Vegas? I am in love with this team and I thought I would get to know more about it. The team is full of a bunch of nice people who love to race and are super generous. How's their Class 1 V10 coming? And thanks for the shirt and...
  10. LukeHuff

    LOORS Saturday

    Who else managed to get out there!?! It was a scorching 103 degrees outside. Only got to stay for the end of U2 cause of the 2 hour delay:eek: dont know what was up with that? Anyways I had a blast! Very professional and the venue had a great vibe to it. Hope to be out there in July. Thanks to...
  11. LukeHuff

    Who wants to have the lightest and strongest TT?

    I think i found the material. Strong as Steel. About as light as Air.
  12. LukeHuff

    Where's that v10 class 1 at?

    Anyone heard more from Speed Technologies? Last I heard was that they were having problems with the CV's holding up, and that was at Terribles 250. I want to see this thing race!!! Any one got any pics or video?
  13. LukeHuff

    NOORS 1st Stop Antelope Valley...Who's racing???

    Anybody know who's racing the noors 1st stop at AV? I've been trying to find a driver list but no luck. Want to see if its worth the drive or no. Thanks
  14. LukeHuff

    BITD Terribles Trick Kart Race In Car

    Sorry for being very late, pretty cool footage. J2 Trophy Kart...last race for me. Had an absolute blast!!! Thanks to Lee, BITD Chet Huffman, Chet Huffman Motorsports, and Mom and Dad. ***sorry for the inconvience the video does not seem to be working at this moment
  15. LukeHuff

    What are you guys doing for valentines day?

    I know its a little early but getting a headstart always helps! I'm in highschool and want to impress this girl on v-day. Its a saturday this year. Any ideas on what i could do?
  16. LukeHuff

    Short Course Mess

    If you look on the 1st page of the short course section of RDC, it is all "new" leagues and associations that just start like wild fire! Please do not post anything unless you have seriously got something going on with a league in short course. It's getting out of control. Thanks.
  17. LukeHuff


    was playing the other day on a quad, and noticed some parts were Baldwin Motorsports logos and such. Thought it was pretty weird
  18. LukeHuff

    M4sx Dirt tour

    I know it's held at Perris, but are the buggies a stock class? The Superlites? Any info would be great! Thanks, Lucas
  19. LukeHuff

    Sign up for a C1?

    Anyone know where to sign up for the C1 Lites class, and if you can just rent a car for the BITD series. Just wanted to see how much it would be cause I wanna try it.
  20. LukeHuff

    Dune toy?

    Seen all the regular rails and stuff, wanted a truck to drive in the sand like a c1 lite or trophy lite. But I really want it to go good in the sand. Is there a buggy with a truck body? Or anything else you guys might know? It's got to be cheap too!