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    Co-Driver spot open for Fallon ...

    Well, looks like all my VORRA buddies are racing their own rigs! Should be a great turn out. That said, I'm looking for a willing victim or 2 to sit in the right seat of our Pro-UTV entry. Shoot me an email - for more info. See you in Fallon! Jim Carius
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    UTV Tire / Setup Questions

    This is going to be fun ... I'm a life-long buggy dork. Class 9/10/12 - whatever. But ever changing circumstances have moved a XP4 that has been built for desert racing into my garage .... And I realize know _nothing_ about UTVs. Up here in Northern Nevada VORRA runs both short course and...
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    2014 Schedule and Entry Fees are on the Website
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    Revised 2014 VORRA Season Announced!

    VORRA Revised 2014 Race Schedule Announced The new management team of Valley Off Road Racinghas announced a revised race schedule for 2014. Included are 3 short-course races at tracks near Sacramento, CA and 2 desert races in Northern Nevada. The new schedule is missing one of VORRA's...
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    Vorra Forum

    Sorry to post this here, but I've sent a couple PM's without response ... Could the 'see for more information' on the VORRA co-hosted board category listing please be changed to the correct domain, '' ? isn't us! Thanks, Jim Carius - VORRA technology...
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    ecotec ECU / Cooling

    Well, I grenaded my class 10 aircooled motor at the USA 500 - which give me the perfect opportunity to finally do the ecotec swap I've been promising myself ... I've gone through the various threads, and there's a ton of good information. What I can't seem to find any kind of definitiva...
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    Help with 10/12 beam front end

    Folks, So as a 9 car refugee, I'm afraid that I just am ignorant in the ways of real beam front ends, so any help would be appreciated. I blew the bottom out of a front coilover (bent a shaft about a year ago) at the USA500 and I'm afraid the PO just didn't do a very good job setting up the...
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    On the Front of the Buggy: 15/16 and beadlocks?

    Ok, so I've been dealing with various wheel/tire issues as I continue to try and update my old class 10 beam car. After consideration of the available options, it looks like running 15" front wheels saves me a _ton_ of unsprung weight and with any luck - a fair bit if wear and tear on the front...
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    MD5 Shifter

    Ok, so I've got a little problem .... I talked to (it seems like) everyone (including mendeola) before buying a MD5. I got the drawings, measured the chassis for fitment (and I was off by 1/16" of an inch, and that cause me a whole different set of grief) got the transmission mounted, hooked up...
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    Rear Arms - Ideas?

    Howdy folks ... Trying to refurb the old 12 car and here's what the rear arms look like .... 1) Are rear arms heat treated (stupid question I'm sure - but I had to ask ...) 2) For the immediate future (until I get new ones) can I sleeve over the bent portions and run them relatively...
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    Class 9 short couse transmission

    Since I sold the car, I'm selling off some of my spares - For the guys looking to race their 9's in short/closed course this transaxle would work great - new, never installed. 4:37 R/P, 1:72 3rd and 1:43 4th - with 30" or shorter tires, this combo will really rip out of the hole and out of...
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    Yet another car for sale

    Shameless plug - I'm either going to get the 12 car out next year, or set up a 2 seater Thanks, Jim
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    Brake Drums/Wheels

    Howdy all, Looking through some recent literature, I found some a source for un-drilled type 1 and 3 brake drums. Getting frustrated with the ever-increasing price of class 9 wheels, I thought to myself - "I wonder what the rule book actually says". Looking in my handy-dandy SCORE bible...
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    Valve Adjusters

    Howdy folks, I've got a question - In my SCORE rulebook (yep, the latest edition) it calls for stock size and shape rocker arms. In 5/1600 and 1/2-1600 the rules call for stock rocker arms but specifically allow surfacing to use swivel foot adjusters. Most 9 car engines I've seen...
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    9 Car Ballast

    Howdy Folks, So I got my car on the scales today = 1420 lbs. dry ... single seat. I'm going to be adding a radio, have a GPS - might as well stick it in. Spare tire mount is gonna add maybe 20 lbs. In short, I've gotta put another 100 lbs on the car ... Where? Skid plate? Any...
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    Roll Cage Repair

    Howdy folks, Well, after stripping down the old 9 car I found a couple cracks in the roll cage hoops - so looks like I've got some tube work ahead of me. I also found a couple spots where the PO welded up some cracks at a couple tube/gusset intersections... So when I replace the main hoop...
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    Tube Fabrication Question - Help!

    Ok, SO I'm sure this is obvious to someone, but I'll be durned if I can figure out the best way ... I need to add a diagonal to an existing rectangle made up of round tube ... when building up from scratch I can just fishmouth the tube per usual and fit everything up before welding - but when...
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    Class 9 at PC

    Heya Folks, Just checking in to see who's planning on racing class 9 at the short course race ... trying to figure out if it's worth sticking the old car back together ... Thanks! Jim
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    Fuel Cell Vent - need ideas ...

    I posted this over in "Safety" .. pardon the re-post, but I was hoping someone over here might have some additional ideas .. Folks, Ok, I've got an older 12 car - built before a lot of the new safety regs. I'm trying to keep it up to date, bu sometimes it's a real challenge, so any ideas...
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    Help - Fuel Cell Vent / Mounting Issues

    Folks, Ok, I've got an older 12 car - built before a lot of the new safety regs. I'm trying to keep it up to date, bu sometimes it's a real challenge, so any ideas would be welcome! 1) The new BITD rules for fuel cell venting: The cell sits on the bottom of the car, so no vent line can...