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  1. syoderfab

    NORRA 2018

    Have stayed at the Villa bahia the last 2 years. Nothing to complain about. It's nice to be out of town a few miles. Cars n trucks r secure. Handful of us sleep outside on the trailers.
  2. syoderfab

    On Topic 2017 NORRA 1000

    We are leaving Sunday morning and going to Guerrero negro bye night.
  3. syoderfab

    Norra 1000 photos

    Type 181 is where I picked the car # from. I guess I'm still a VW dork.
  4. syoderfab

    Norra 1000 photos

    Everyone is okay, car is back at shop now. Only need to replace 1 tube in the chassis. The body is gonna need some more work though. But we will fix it and b back next year. Not sure what u mean bye the car #?
  5. syoderfab

    MORE Slash X Duel in the Desert Results

    Big thanks to Cody and the entire MORE team for putting on another great and technical race. And an extra thanks to the tri state motorsports guys along with the emt guys out on coarse. Took a large rock off a truck to the face, and broke my helmet and knocked me out for a few seconds. Those...