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    Who Wants To Promote A Race?

    Enough crying about CORR already. It's time for someone to take the reigns and put on an event. I will go over a very rough outline of what needs to be done to put on an event that people can enjoy and will make the organizer/promoter money. I am sure that I will miss many things, but this is...
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    Desert Trucks At Chula Vista

    I was asked by the powers-that-be at CORR to see what you guys would think of desert trucks running at the Chula vista track. I've been asked to see what I can organize to get this off the ground. Here's what has been proposed so far. You need to have previously raced in a sanctoned body...
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    Congratulations Ross Hoek!

    1st place today at Bark River! Way to go, Ross!
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    ROR Time-Trials and Short Course Race

    Just a heads-up to let everyone know that The ROR season opener will be March 5th (cinco de marcho?) and we will be running both formats this time. The short course will be widend and smoother/faster for the wheel to wheel racers and the desert time-trial course is getting very "desert-y". The...
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    Web Designers?

    Are there any regulars here who have experience and/or know-how in web design that have time for a little (maybe not so little, depending) side-job? Please email
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    New Porter 10 Car

    Just a note to keep your eye out for a new Porter class 10 that will debut in Laughlin. The car is a scaled-down version of thier proven class 1 car. The car features a Kroyer Honda motor and will have Chris or Rod Muller or Bill Gasper at the helm next weekend. I'll post some pictures early...
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    Video Release this Sun

    There will be a video release party at the Branding Iron in San Berdo this sunday at 9pm. Its a motocross vid with Chad Reed, Pastrana, Nate Adams and, most importantly, Kyle and Curt LeDuc. I dont have directions to get there, but if you can read this you can use map quest too. See you there.
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    ROR Short-Course This Weekend

    This weekend will be our first ever wheel-to-wheel only race, no time-trials. If you've raced at ROR before you know the safety rules are fairly simple, but if you plan on racing this weekend we are being alot more stringent on the safety requirements. Basically we are requiring the same rules...
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    Crandon...Who's Going?

    Crandon...Who\'s Going? Well, its about that time of year again. We just bought our tickets a couple days ago. This will be year # 4 for us and we plan on going forever. This has to be the most exciting racing I've ever seen. If you have the means to go, do it, you wont regret it. So is anyone...
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    I just want to thank all the people that came out to the last event and made it possible. In staging there was DMZ tim, Brian from BA Perf, Svo Steve, Uncle Johnny. The course guys, elca eric, s10 alex, and the toyatakid duo. On the course was Dean, Alec, and Anthony and Marlin from Silver...
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    Wed. Night Chat...Tonight

    Well, the holidays have come and gone and its back to the regular routine. I would like to maybe bring up different topics each week and focus on that, at least give it a try. Tonight I think the dicussion should be about who is racing in the 1400/1450 class next season. I know there are about...
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    Chat is working again!!

    I guess it was working last week but I didnt think it was. People will be in there from around 7 to whenever. If there are any questions reguarding this weekends ROR race or the mdr race in 2 weeks a bunch of people will be there to answer stuff. See ya there.
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    Chat not working

    Well, it seems as though our chat room is down for the night, i guess we'll talk next week as I have no idea how to fix such things.
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    Jump Championships

    Just a reminder that we need as many people out there jumping as possible. The Jumps are really smooth and the smaller of the two is very easy on the vehicle. There were so many nice trucks in the parking lot last year, anything we can do to get them in the show just let me know. I need to...
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    Its Chat nite again

    Come say hi from 7 pm to whenever. I ll be there to answer any quesrions reguarding the race on the 10th. hope to see everyone there.
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    Time Trials May 10 @ ROR

    Well, we finally get to start our time trails series in Rialto. Our first of three events will be on Sat May 10th.The fomat will be similar to D-Day but all competetors will run two 3-lap sessions, and your fastest session time will be the one used toward the points series. That way you can run...
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    converting to air bumps

    I use my 2.5 14" kings as just coil carriers now, i was thinking of making a soild piston for the shock and drilling a couple holes in the body below say the 1/2 way point up the body(in a precise location of course) and letting the last stage be used as a bump. i could also let the very bottom...
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    Practice In Rialto

    Just a reminder that we are having open practice at ROR this Sat (april 19). Its open to just about any vehicle as a way to get on the course and see what you think. There are no times or competition, just a chance to get you and you truck out there. We have kept the fees as low as possible to...
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    Open Practice At Rialto

    Just a reminder of an open practice day on Sat April 19 at ROR. All the info is on This is not a "race" it is just a chance to come and run the track, one vehicle at a time, a few laps at a time and see how you and your truck are set-up. The entry fee is as low as we could...
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    New Stuff Again

    Ok, we finally got a new chat room for wed night, thanks to our friend Jeff. Also, Jen has a bunch of new updates and pics on the site, steve barlow in his new pro 2 and the schedual of evernts for ror for the rest of the year. We are having "open-practice" on the 19 of this month, i know alot...