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  1. 1wayne

    Looking for some help with Baja GPS files

    So here's my question does anybody have any GPS files from either Norra or Score Baja 1000 that we could purchase. We are planing trip form Cabo back to Tecate over Christmas. We are trying to plan our trip and figure out gas and hotels. We have a lot Baja Norte expercenice but no Baja Sur...
  2. 1wayne

    Del Mar Beach Buggy June, 30 2017

    So pictures from Del Mar.
  3. 1wayne

    Help needed in Lakeside stolen trailer and buggy

    Keep a look out if you live San Diego east county (Lakeside) My son in law Dads trailer and buggy were stolen last from the front of his house. Had all his tools and tires inside of it. The truck in the picture is the thief's. If you have in info. Call 619-252-3630. Thanks. WAYNE
  4. 1wayne

    Thanks to Fox Shocks and my son in law

    I got a great surprise Friday when my wife and I met the kids for dinner. My son in law came in with shoe box taped shut and hand it to me, If you would know my son in law I was a little worried about what was in it. Much to my surprise he give me a awesome gift a urn for my Dad. With help from...
  5. 1wayne

    Good bye to my Dad, Wally Schwaia

    Today I lost my Dad, my mentor, my hero. He got me into in off roading and racing back in 1969 at the age of 9 years old. He entered the Berrego Rough 50 on bet and won the race. I will never forget his excitement after winning that race. I will never forget my smile on my face when I got drive...
  6. 1wayne

    A few pictures from testing my car the Baja 4000

    Finally got my car together testing. Went out to Plaster City on Sunday with Andrew Szado from the Baja 4000 to shoot some video and pictures. Ran really good, front end needs so fine tuning but we getting there.
  7. 1wayne

    Pictures from the El Alamo 200

  8. 1wayne

    Need a favor from Vegas to San Diego

    Anyone coming from Vegas to San Diego any time soon? I bought 2 wheels and tires in Vegas and need to get to SD. If you can help me PM Please will kick in some gas money. The wheels are BTR 15X16 with 750 tires on them. Thanks, Wayne.
  9. 1wayne

    Need your thoughts again about this car

    What do think of this find, any info on this car anyone?
  10. 1wayne

    No love for Plaster City

    No love for the Score Imperial Valley 250. Its sad that there no one posting any info for our local racing.
  11. 1wayne

    What do think of this car for a Vintage build

    Found this on Craigslist, what do you think, worth the time. Looks rough and its in Alabama. Ads states it is Hi-Jumper RS-2, if you look at the rear suspension looks to be sand car type coil over. Think about getting this and restoring it for Norra. What do think? Thanks, Wayne
  12. 1wayne

    San Felipe rooms

    Anybody have a list with contact numbers for hotels or motels in San Felipe?
  13. 1wayne

    Looking for so info. on this car

    Trying to find some info. on this car. This use to be my Dads car. He had stroke 4 years ago and keeps asking me to find out what happen to it. So I was hoping someone at there may have info. for me. Thanks in advance.
  14. 1wayne

    Anyone have a room they are not using for The 500

    Need a room for the Baja 500. My daughter has never been and would like to go with her husband who has never been. I would like to take them down and show them what it is all about. The love of Baja.We are leaving Friday at noon. Staying till Sunday morning. Thanks, Wayne.
  15. 1wayne

    New section for Baja 500

    Roger found a new section for the 500!
  16. 1wayne

    Look at what I found this morning!

    Good Morning Race Fans, I could not believe what I found this morning in a box. I was going through my Pops stuff, he's in a nursing home and wanted his drivers license for some unknown reason! I opened the box and found these ticket stubs from the 1988 Riverside Off Road Championship.
  17. 1wayne

    What do you think of this

    Check this out us off roaders should be good at this trike drifting.
  18. 1wayne

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving to everybody out there. Be safe and give thanks to your family and friends. For all of our service men and women thank you for what you do for this wonderfull country. GOD BLESS ALL OF US!!!!!!
  19. 1wayne

    Happy Birthday American

    Happy Birthday to the greatest country in the world. Thank you to the men and the women that have fought for us. Verybody be safe and have fun.
  20. 1wayne

    Electric power steering steering

    Has anyone put a electric power steering in their car yet? I was checking out the Cobalt unit on another web site.