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  1. JD Durfey

    The CURE

    Dr. John's Constipation Cure If you are bothered by occasional or frequent constipation, look in the mirror and repeat the following phrase three times in succession when symptoms occur: "My financial and personal well-being are totally in the hands of Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Harry...
  2. JD Durfey

    Fuel Injection vs. Carburetor

    I was wondering what the general concenses is on which is better. Carb or injection. Fuel injection is great in that it is constantly tuning the motor to run at peak performance. Carburetors are great because they don't have electonics to worry about crapping out and leaving you...
  3. JD Durfey

    Offensive Drawings

    If you can keep your mind out of the gutter take a look at these.
  4. JD Durfey

    Hello, my name is JD

    I'm JD. I am a member of the Hooters Desert Racing team. We have been racing bikes in Mexico as a team since the 05 1000. This year a Class 16 car was added for the 250, which is still being raced. A Class 1 truggy was added at the 500, and I was a co-driver in it at the 1000...