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  1. misterktm

    King Shocks no longer BITD contingency sponsor ?

    Anyone else notice this ? They pull out of all other series as well ? Kinda bummed about it, we've always ran Kings.
  2. misterktm

    Tire pressure monitor system suggestions

    I seem to be horrible at feeling a rear flat until the tire is totally destroyed....I know some run pressure monitors, but I'm thinking it has to be a pretty robust system to hold up to the conditions we run in. Anyone have a suggestion on brand/model ? Thanks
  3. misterktm

    Fuel spill mat

    Been looking for a spill mat to conform to the BITD fueling rule. I've seen some nice mats that other teams have - but lost the info on them. I've looked on summit, Off road warehouse, kartek etc....don't see anything. Anyone have any suggestions ?
  4. misterktm

    Looking for ride from Vegas to Parker Wed. eve.

    Bit of a long shot - but hoping to avoid renting a car just to get down there. Looking for a ride for two guys to Parker Wednesday night. We land in Vegas at 8:00 PM. OK - so probably a huge long shot....But certainly willing to contribute to the fuel tank. And figured it couldn't hurt to ask.
  5. misterktm

    Pro Truck tube wall thickness?

    I've spent 20 minutes searching the web with no luck. Doing some fab work on my pro-truck (4700) to upgrade the fuel cell to the 60 gallon versus the original 40 gallon. So not any structural work to the chassis - more tank protection/mounting than anything - but I would like to use the same...
  6. misterktm

    Mint 400 entry limit by qualifying ?

    Admittedly, this pretty much stems from being on the waiting list when I sent my entry in the week prior to the parker 425...little frustrating. So I'm poking around the KOH coverage and notice they qualified only so many cars and actually sent some home that didn't make the cut. I'm thinking...
  7. misterktm

    Paging Rob Renkin

    Rob, not sure you're on this board, but if you are I've been trying to get in contact with you about the Henderson 250. Bit of a last resort to find you. Give me a call 503-805-2920. If anyone knows Rob, I'd appreciate you passing my note and number to him. Thanks. Rob Seubert Jeepspeed #1724.
  8. misterktm

    Mint 400 lap times ?

    Anyone have any link ? I don't see them on BITD or IRC....we did a lot of 'spectating' on lap one while waiting for parts :-( wanted to take a look at lap times to see if we were at least competitive on lap 2...
  9. misterktm

    Attention class winner of Vegas to Reno 2014

    Wondering if anyone has received their winners watch from Rockwell ?? I haven't seen mine yet. I talked to Jeff after receiving my voucher from best in the desert and he said they would ship out the following week. That was a month ago. I finally sent another e-mail yesterday, but no reply...
  10. misterktm

    BITD V2R camping at start line ?

    I don't see any info on camping at the starting this allowed ? I don't remember from the past..too many races !
  11. misterktm

    Need mechanic help in La Paz ! Please help

    Hi Guys, My Dad is in La Paz headed home but lost the alternator in his motor home. Can anyone advise a shop that can fix it for him ?
  12. misterktm

    kartek contingency mint 400

    not sure where else to go with my thoughts on I'm posting here. Kartek has generously posted a $500 cash prize for two classes at the mint. The two classes are 1500 and 1800. Now its awesome they are offering this and I hate to whine....but 1800 class at the mint? Really? This is the...
  13. misterktm

    Baja Designs booth at parker ?

    Did they have a booth at parker ? I didn't see them, and was looking for stickers for contingency. Can anyone tell me if they saw their booth there and I just missed it ?? Thanks.
  14. misterktm

    chase route between ganzaga bay & cocos ? other than course?

    Is there a chase route other than the course there? The road is paved to. Gonzaga isn't it? Trying to figure if we can run chase rigs around the bottom over to hwy 1 or if we have to send that rig back up and around.
  15. misterktm

    So did the bikes overall the 1000 after all ???

    Well ??
  16. misterktm

    What's the story on Kendal Norman ??

    Congrats to KTM - Awesom win. I've found updates on all the other 'contendors' for the race but Kendal Norman. What happend to him ? Did he show for the start ? What was he riding ?? Where did he finish ??? Partners, solo ?????
  17. misterktm

    2012 MINT 400 Venue

    Sure would be nice to know how many miles/laps for this race...especially the 'slower' classess that will start early. Best in the Desert is asking for entry forms to be turned in early so they don't get flooded at the 11th hour......Well...If you tell us the stinking format, maybe we can...
  18. misterktm

    HEY FAST GUYS...You want to pass someone FASTER?

    It's real a headlight during the day!! We just raced the Parker 425 (great event!). I was in a jeepspeed, and it was my first 'lap' race. We got passed A BUNCH. And I can tell you the guys that had headlights on got around us probably with out even lifting the throttle. Because...
  19. misterktm

    Hello my name is Rob

    Been desert racing a LONG time...need to run over to attempt to answer the BJ blooper enough of this !