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    squeaky King bumps

    Good thought, and it makes sense. But this is on the front of a solid Axel dodge, sorry i forgot to mention that. So with the truck just parked and I put a pry bar between the end of the bump and the strikepad and move the pistonin and out I can duplicate the squeak. I'm thinking maybe a...
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    squeaky King bumps

    They do have the delrin ends. I put a pry bar in there and move it up and down and the squeak is not coming from the pads.
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    squeaky King bumps

    Been lurking on here for a while and really enjoy the forums here. Anyway I've got some King Air Bumps on my truck and one of them is squeaking like a pig and its driving me nuts.:mad: Anyone experience this? And if so what is going on and what do I need to do to make it go away? Does...
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    did this already. why does it look like no one else has had to do this?
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    another newbie

    Great looking forum. As an elevator mechanic I don't have a huge racing background but I'm deffinatly interested in getting started. On a side note it looks like no one else has had to post here to get approved as a member whats up with that?