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    Who else despises cell phone carriers?

    Yeah, I don't know that there's a good one in the bunch. The thing that pi**ed me off about T-Mobile is that they started changing my billing rate (among a good majority of their other customers) thinking that we won't notice. I confronted them about it and they claimed that they sent out a...
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    Who else despises cell phone carriers?

    Over the past 10-15 years cell phones have become a way of life but I feel like the carriers are some of the most deceiving companies in business these days. I switched from Cingular to T-Mobile after repeated misinformation and lies from the CSR's at Cingular and now I feel as though T-Mobile...
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    Home Fab Shop???

    I've found that the older compressors are quite a bit better than most of the newer ones. I'd recommend getting an old quincy or two stage Ingersoll Rand. You can buy rebuild kits for about $60 and they'll run forever. If I remember correctly I think my IR type 30 is about 13 cfm with a 100%...
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    Members Missing In Action

    Nice to talk to you Dave, I hope things are going well. My truck is collecting rust along with all of my other projects. "Real" work definitely puts a damper on things!
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    Members Missing In Action

    Over past couple of years I haven't been frequenting the boards as often as I once use to. As of late I've made it a point to attempt to keep up to date with what's going on in the desert racing world. Since I've checked back in, I've noticed that some of the "veteran (original) members" have...
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    website to learn...

    Race Car Vehicle Dynamics by Bill and Doug Milliken. VERY informative however it is engineering based so some concepts might be difficult to understand unless you have had some previous engineering based education. Carroll Smith's books are great as well. I'd probably recommend them as a...
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    official Laughlin Desert Challenge media thread

    Re: Durka Durka / RDC LDC Photo Updates Awesome photos. What kind of camera/lenses are you shooting with?
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    Anyone attending this year's SolidWorks conference in SD?

    Jesse, If you don't mind, I'd love to have a copy of some of the notes. Anything that seems worthwhile to have (weldments, pipe & tube routing, sheetmetal, Tips & Tricks, Cosmos, etc). Let me know what I need to do to get them from you. Thanks!
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    A good article about todays Fed rate cut

    That's the attitude you need to have. Know what you own and don't let the "doom and gloom" scare you into selling it. There are a lot of good companies on sale right now- buy them when they are cheap and sell them when they become over priced. Just my $.02
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    Anyone Missing a white Crewcab Superduty and Ford Racetruck?

    I have no reason to believe that its stolen but there is a V8 Ford Ranger or F150 truck parked in the back of an industrial park in La Mirada. I just wanted to send out a heads up incase someone might be missing their race truck and crewcab. The race truck has I-Beams up front, 4-Link rear...
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    2007 Tecate Baja 1000 Chaser involved accident

    Darren, It breaks my heart to read about such a tragic accident. May God bless you, your family and your friends in such a difficult time. Matt
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    Something New!!

    I'd recommend looking into weldments. I've drawn chassis both ways (swept & weldments) and I have a feeling you're going to cry after learning how much quicker/easier it is to use weldments. You still have to go in and touch up tubes if they're being notched into multi-tube joints but it's a...
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    Frame CAD Files

    I have a 94 X-Cab ranger drawn up in Solidworks. It's not 100% accurate, but close enough for modeling/design work. PM me if your interested, I'd be more than happy to help out. Matt
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    looking for CAD files

    Check your PM, Matt
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    top speed!

    I was fortunate enough to comb over one up close and it is truly a remarkable car. Don't know where you can get one up to speed anywhere nearby but the cool factor is definitely a 10!
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    TT a-arm bushing material question...

    Oil Impregnated Bronze perhaps? Also known as SAE 841. McMaster carries it but you can generally find it other places for cheaper. If you need a supplier in the southern california area you can PM me.
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    Action needed!

    Today (2/17) is the last day to send the letter so do it NOW!
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    Stock production classes

    Thanks for the input everyone. To me there is something very appealing about taking a nearly bone stock vehicle through the desert and trying to get it to stay together. Aaron, what kind of support does Ford provide other than the money that they give to the top three winners? Also...
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    Stock production classes

    Just curious as to everyone's thoughts on the pure stock production classes (7300, 8100, 3100, 4100). It seems like the classes would be a lot of fun to race in. What kind of yearly budget are you looking at to be competitive. Of that, where does most of it go? Any other feedback is appreciated.
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    Trailing Arms design & target Anti-Squat

    Re: "Perhaps you've heard the term "Pre-stressed Concrete" ? What they're doing is putting a tensile loading on the rebar while the concrete sets up. Once the concrete has cured the steel is putting it in compression and the concrete is putting the steel in tension. Makes for a far stronger...