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  1. Erik Irvine

    Resale of Trophy Kart Elite??

    Hey Guys, I am in the process of trading a guy my prerunner for some $ and a Trophy Kart Elite. I have been doing some research for resale value and I have seen some for $4,500 and some for $12,000. I was wondering what a realistic price I could expect to get for the Kart. I would want to price...
  2. Erik Irvine

    Looking for Phoenix area race partner

    Is there anybody in the Phoenix/West Valley area who needs help with their race program/race car? I have a 2,000 SF fab shop and I've been prepping my own race cars on and off for 10 yrs now (sportsman, class 5 & class 12). I'm looking for an opportunity to prep in exchange for seat time and/or...
  3. Erik Irvine

    2014 San Diego Fair/Del Mar Tuff trucks

    Who's racing? Who's planning on spectating? The schedules posted on WGAS's website; Wednesday June 25, 2014: Open Tuff Truck Thursday June 26, 2014: Open Tuff Truck Friday June 27, 2014: Street Tuff Truck & Beach Buggy I'll be racing on Friday in the Beach Buggy Race
  4. Erik Irvine

    Where to race a 350Z in Southwest??

    Hey Road Racers…I am new to the road scene (been racing off-road for 10 yrs now). I have a 2006 350Z I am getting ready to retire as my daily driver, and I wanted to dump between $5,000 & $10,000 in it and go racing. I plan to do all required fabrication myself. What style/type of racing should...
  5. Erik Irvine

    ACP buckeye & Canyon MX Peoria AZ

    I recently moved from CA to AZ, and finally made it out to ACP this weekend, nice track! Wondering if there were any RDC guys that ride at Arizona Cycle Park or Canyon Motocross on a regular basis? Dragging my pregnant wife to the track worked, but I can tell it won't last forever. I have a...
  6. Erik Irvine

    Design Advice – Class 12 Stroller

    Hey guyz, been throwing around a plan for building a stroller for my kid, who’s coming into the world April 2014. Thought I’d share my thoughts here and get some input, because the collective experience here phenomenal. Plan to build a 1/3 or ½ scale car around a Simpson racing car seat or...
  7. Erik Irvine

    Bypassing Deadman Switch

    I know the title kind of seems like a oxymoron or Darwin move but; My Dad has a old 1986 Toyota pickup 4X4 he uses as a ranch truck up in Oregon on his property. He was having trouble starting the truck for awhile and the last time I was up there we figured out it is the mechanical/electrical...
  8. Erik Irvine

    Lucerne Valley Course A - Bessimer Mine Rd. 50 Mile course??

    I was on MDR's website reading through this year's upcoming races, and see there is a 50-mile loop race for their night race in August. Course A off Bessimer Mine Rd., I haven't raced Lucerne in a a few years and don't remember a 50 mile loop. Does anybody have a course map from an old race, in...
  9. Erik Irvine

    Hella 4000 interchange HID/non-HID

    I am trading a buddy Hella 4000 lights. He has the red housing HID series, and I have the standard black housing 4000s. I was wondering if the reflectors/backings were interchangable between the two. He has pencil ones and I have flood, and I was hoping I could switch out the reflector parts...
  10. Erik Irvine

    shock Starting point on Baja Bug

    Hey guys! Just got done mounting some new (used off RDC) shocks on the rear of my baja bug. Wondering what valving I should start with to get me in the ballpark the first tuning trip. Here is the technical information; Weight of car: Approx. 2,500lbs wet Rear wheel travel: 17 in. Rear shock...
  11. Erik Irvine

    Long Travel car Rental - Glamis

    There is a guy I am working with through January that wants to rent a long travel car and take it to Glamis for a weekend. Do any companies rent sand cars (not the whimpy de-tuned ones)? He may buy one in the future, and wants to rent the real deal. Wasn't sure if they had companies that rent...
  12. Erik Irvine

    FOX Contingency for MDR

    Does anybody know what (if any) contigency FOX does for a sportsman class buggy running all FOX shocks in MDR? I couldn't find anything on, I know they give $50 to first in MORE.
  13. Erik Irvine

    Paint Guy in North SD County

    Anybody know of a paint guy in North San Diego County? Looking to get a couple of minor dents taken care of, then a two color paint job on the rebuilt baja. Would prefer somebody who does it out of their garage, but willing to take it to a shop too if it's not too pricey. Thanks!
  14. Erik Irvine

    Where do I get window nets like this??

    Does anybody know of a MFG who makes window nets like these (see pic)? Looking for standard prebuilt VW door size, but if I need them custom made I guess could go that route too. Thanks!
  15. Erik Irvine

    Checkered Flag Airbrush

    I am getting ready to have my car painted and had a question about sequencing the different paint parts. We are painting the entire car PPG Torch Red, and I want to have a black/white/grey checkered flag added on the bottom or on the hood. Can I paint the whole car red first, and then take it...
  16. Erik Irvine

    Shock Tuning Input

    Need your guys input/opinions. The video is from Lucerne Valley this weekend off Bessimer Mine Rd. The first video is coming down toward Start/Finish from the Rock Pile on the MDR course, Small whoops seems to be handleing decent. The second section is coming down the course the opposite towards...
  17. Erik Irvine

    George Seeley's shock guy

    Who tuned/tunes George Seeley's class 5 car? I know he runs Kings, do the King guys go out and tune or does he have somebody else do it? That seems to be one of the smoothest bugs out there...
  18. Erik Irvine

    16-7.50's for Buggy

    How many different options are out there? Any opinions on which is best? The only one I have seen is a BFG knock off brand Kartek sells. It weighed in at 44 lbs. (tire only). I am trying to keep the front as light as reasonable on my baja bug since I don't have the King Kong size front arms...
  19. Erik Irvine

    Good Dog House Idea

    My cousin just bought a desert house out near Ocotillo Wells, and for a house warming gift I am going to build him a doghouse for the backyard. There is plenty of rooom in the backyard, and there will always be 2-5 dogs out there, so I am thinking kinda bigger than a normal doghouse.What I need...
  20. Erik Irvine

    Where did George Seeley go?

    Is George Seeley done racing SCORE with his class 5 unlimited championship car? Building another car? I remember reading somewhere he was going to try to win x amount of championships in a row (I think he is up around 7 right now) then lay low? Just wondering if anybody knew any 411