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  1. Hbomber

    $$$--WE GOT BUSTED, but we've LEARNED--$$$

    Before everyone hands out a bunch of pats on the back to the teams that weren't penalized, how does anyone know they didn't speed, deviate from the course, or have missing data? Has anyone one seen their IRC info? I can pretty much guarantee that every competitor went over 50' off the marked...
  2. Hbomber

    Would you use this line?

    Great point, it is clearly 50' off course and against the rules. So why wasn't anyone penalized for it, since it is clearly illegal? There are numerous other examples of this as well throughout the course. I think the issue that the competitors have is, why are the rules only enforced in...
  3. Hbomber

    Penalized Racers Alliance

    I signed this petition. Anyone that is for equal racing in Baja should do the same.
  4. Hbomber

    Would you use this line?

    Chase 2 brought up a great point. We've been using these trackers for a few years now. If SCORE has had this info for past races, why have there never been any penalties. I would find it highly unlikely that this is the first race that there was speeding, course deviation, and missing data...
  5. Hbomber

    Baja 500 Results.......Day 27

    It would be great to see everyone's IRC data. I wonder how accurate SCORE was in reviewing the data. I have seen 2 from the Baja 500 and there are major questions on both. If 2 out of 2 have issues, it would lead me to believe there are many more. Everyone is so quick to congratulate the...
  6. Hbomber


    My name is Wes Miller. I've been desert racing for 27 years. I currently ride on the 1A Matlock Racing Team in SCORE.