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    mexico accidents reported to the US¨?

    quick question - are accidents in Mexico that we involve the insurance companies ever reported back to the US? we had a small accident between two of our group members in El Rosario and we want to check and see if we should report it to help pay for the damages. im typing this from the free...
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    MDR Camburg 200 night race VIDEO!!!

    Yeah, just finished it up tonight, its intense! let me know what you think! Check out the first link (high quality) unless you're on dial up. RIGHT CLICK> SAVE TARGET AS
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    Offroad Video I made

    Here is my newest video... It has footage from Lancaster, gorman, Barstow, Pismo, and Ocotillo. Here is the High quality version, its a 139 MB, but worth it!!! Right click, save target as And then here is a little extras section with clips that...
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    Hi everyone

    My name is Eric Anderson... I got into desert racing when I got my Toyota Tacoma. It was stock but still did okay offroad. My friends all built up trucks and now I own a worked up 1996 Ford Ranger. I enjoy going to local MDR races and filming. I edit the footage and post it online once I'm done...