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  1. dezcofab

    Vintage glass

    I’ve got some vintage fiberglass from a VORRA car if anyone needs it for a project.
  2. dezcofab


    Looking for info on the"hobrecht panzer" frames from the 70's?. I have the remains of the single seat car in the photo . Thanks , John
  3. dezcofab

    Hello my name is John

    Hi, my name is John and I'm in Northern California. I!ve been in the dirt since I was a kid on Bmx bikes , go carts , old Ossa's and Hodaka's. Got a Baja bug as a teenager, saved a Funco from the cutting torch but never raced it. Raced another Funco in Vorra a few times in the 90's. I still...
  4. dezcofab

    The Desert

    My name is John, a.k.a Dezcofab. I off road as much as possible with my son Evan. We ride motorcycles in the Nevada desert and So. cal,drive the vw thing and we are re-building a ranger prerunner. Iv'e raced in some Vorra events over the years and helped build/test cars .