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    $100000.00 to USA racer if he takes overall. But only one big name ride signs up Mike Alessi. must be nice to have big factory contract and pass up $100,000.00
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    VW in NASCAR?
  3. calds650

    Honda drops ATV for 2010

    Honda drops ATV pro racing for 2010 American Honda Pulls Out of ATV Racing for 2010 Joe Byrd, Harold Goodman, Josh Upperman, Wayne Matlock Released Torrance, CA (9/11/2009) - Several Honda backed ATV racers...
  4. calds650

    Rider Size?

    Is it me seeing that in general there is a difference in size of top racer , XC/Desert 6Ft. tall around 190 lbs; MX/flat track 5ft. 8-10in. around 170 lbs.
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    hello my name is Calds650

    My nane is realy Bill I iam from Calif I ride a DS650