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  1. BitD1084

    class 6200 rule change

    Thank you for your amazing insight!
  2. BitD1084

    class 6200 rule change

    Has anyone seen this change in writing yet?
  3. BitD1084

    Who told you this?

    Who told you this?
  4. BitD1084

    class 6200 rule change

  5. BitD1084

    On Topic Mint 400 Pictures

    This is a question that I have heard for some time. Not just for the Mint, but all races. Are most if not all of the shooters registered with the sanctioning body? Why could they (the sanctioning body) not put a list out of what photographers are at that particular race? It's not like our (the...
  6. BitD1084

    2018 Mint 400 Photos at Time Trials & Day Of Race

    Mike, any 6284?
  7. BitD1084

    Rent a Race car for the 2018 Mint 400!

    So how many spots did they get?
  8. BitD1084

    Buy the 6100 or the 1?

    Yes Jerry, trucks are bad ass! But the buggies are a good time..............
  9. BitD1084

    Buy the 6100 or the 1?

    We have a class 1 chassis with the 2.0 ecoboost. Are we as fast as the light nimble cars? No. But on the up side, at the speeds we are running now, our car can take that kind of abuse verses the light class 10 chassis that some of the other guys are running. As for power, its all in how its tuned.
  10. BitD1084

    Buy the 6100 or the 1?

    Or, you can be like me and run the 2.0 ecoboost in 6200.............
  11. BitD1084

    Another Race - Another Fire While Pitting!!

    Don't we need a catch can or bucket under the breather line already?
  12. BitD1084

    Help keep our sport alive.

  13. BitD1084

    Vegas to Reno Race for DYLAN DARLAND

    Count us in Jordan
  14. BitD1084

    Why isn’t there off road racing in…

    That's the problem, the SoCal folks would be to good to show up to Colorado. To far of a drive for them I guess. It was SCORE or HDRA that had a race some time ago up in Craig, CO.
  15. BitD1084

    Class 10 Question

    Who says we are close???
  16. BitD1084

    Why are some racers so last minute when it comes to being prepaired to race?

    That makes to much sense!! And plus the cheaters would find a way to cheat.
  17. BitD1084

    On Topic shock oils????

    Hence the reason for the question
  18. BitD1084

    On Topic shock oils????

    Not in a 10 car.